Friday, May 29, 2009

Accidents at 13 Months

This past Monday, Laney proved that my children are accident-prone around 13 months.

Since Friday, we've been dog-sitting our favorite Harlingen kanine, Rocco, and I've managed to keep Laney out of the dog's water bowl (although keeping her out of Rocco's crate is a different story)....until Monday. On Monday, her curiousity resulted in a puddle and semi-wet clothes. I immediately grabbed a towel to sop up most of the water; however, she was ready to relocate prior to me being able to dry the floor completely. It was when she was on her way away from Rocco's crate that she slipped (thankfully, she was just crawling) and smashed her face on the tile. We had screams, tears, and blood immediately (yet another reason why I HATE tile). My heart sank and instantly worried about her teeth. We were able to stop the bleeding within a few minutes, so that was a good sign. But her upper lip had caught her front teeth coming down, resulting in a pretty good-sized gash, but nothing requiring stitches. And the impact of the floor-to-face crash caused a verticle split of the under-belly of her upper lip. As you can imagine, her lip swelled within minutes.

Once she calmed down (with a walk outside), we gave her Motrin, which must have helped a lot because she was still able to take a bottle and her paci before bedtime.

I failed to take a picture shortly after the accident happened, but here is what it looked like the next morning.

During our trip to VA Beach a couple of summers ago (for my half-marathon), Josiah managed to pull a small side table (which sat next to the chair in our hotel room) down onto his eyebrow, causing a pretty ugly gash. Unfortunately, it didn't really quit bleeding, so Randy made the decision to take him to a local ER. Thankfully, no stitches were required on this gash, just a little Dermabond. And you can barely see the scar...unless you're really looking for it.
What is so interesting about these accidents, is that Josiah and Laney were almost the exact same age (just shy of 13 months) when they incurred their first accident. I'm praying this is not a new trend....but I'll be keeping my eye on M#3 when he's 12-13 months.


Trisha said...

Owie. Poor baby girl. I'm not a fan of tile either. :)

Cindi said...

I like tile at potty training time, lol.
My kids were the same - ben has "cut" both eyes.
Brinley used to always bust her lips, she actually had 3 stitches in her tongue!

Christie O. said...

ugh you're so right. that age is so tricky because they're so curious, and they're so wobbly and so short! everything falls down on top of them! i'm sorry for her booboo though, every single one of them breaks my heart!!! and i HATE the tile when there is catdish spillage, we've had our share of slips too!

Trisha said...

Did Laney heal up ok?