Thursday, October 2, 2008


In celebration of my 100th blog post (can you believe it?), I thought it might be fun to participate in the blogger's right of passage, the "100 Things About Me" meme. Here we go!!!!

  1. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

  2. I was born on September 25, 1977.

  3. I am the oldest of three girls.

  4. I've been married for a little over 5 years.

  5. I have two children: a son (2) and a daughter (5 months).

  6. I waited to find out what the sex of my children were until "push" day.

  7. I love reality TV, specifically Big Brother and Biggest Loser.

  8. I love any and all aquariums.

  9. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist as a child.

  10. I played in the marching band in both high school and college.

  11. My most favorite household chore is vacuuming.

  12. I'm addicted to blogging and Facebook.

  13. I enjoy being at home with my kids (yes, it finally happened) but I also miss working in an office.

  14. I've completed 1 half marathon (at 5 weeks pregnant) and hope to complete another one in April 2009.

  15. My favorite meal is spaghetti (and I have to have milk to drink).

  16. My dream vehicle of the moment is the Saturn Outlook.

  17. My favorite gemstone is the Sapphire (in fact, the center stone of my wedding ring is a sapphire instead of a diamond).

  18. I despise folding/putting clothes away (I enjoy washing them, though).

  19. I'd do anything if I didn't have to go to the dentist (but I still keep up with my bi-annual appointments).

  20. I learned how to crochet this year as part of my New Year's Resolutions.

  21. My favorite board games are Taboo and Tribond.

  22. I LOVE to bake.

  23. I'm not much of a cook, but I do try.

  24. I've travelled to remote villages in Kenya, Africa.

  25. I always wear my seat belt.

  26. I really enjoy teeny-bopper shows/movies.

  27. My favorite movie genre is Romantic Comedy.

  28. My favorite movies are The Cutting Edge and Just Married.

  29. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons (although living in South Texas now, I'm surely not going to experience either).

  30. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays.

  31. I am cloth diapering my little princess. I go back and forth regarding my love for it.

  32. I love shopping at Target and Kohl's.

  33. My favorite color is Navy.

  34. Following each pregnancy, I cut my hair and donated it to Locks Of Love.

  35. I've worn glasses/contacts since the 7th Grade.

  36. I would love to have Lasik, but I'm afraid of a surgery-gone-totally-wrong.

  37. I attended Auburn University. WAR EAGLE!

  38. Since 10th Grade, I've not lived anywhere longer than 4 years.

  39. I hate the packing and actual moving part of moving. Our move to South Texas was the LAST time that we're moving ourselves.

  40. I really enjoy college football season.

  41. I avoid driving at night when at all possible.

  42. I ate an African termite during my travels in Kenya...yes, on purpose.

  43. I have blue eyes.

  44. My hair has some natural highlights, including one streak of "auburn" underneath-behind my left ear.

  45. I love to tan, but I keep my time out in the sun to a minimum now (stay away Melanoma and wrinkles!).

  46. I really enjoy Season's Premiere week on TV...I can't wait to start where we left off from last season and to see what new shows have been created.

  47. I did NOT attend my 10 year High School reunion. In fact, I don't think our class even coordinated one.

  48. I am not liking the "all tile" flooring in our current house. It hurts my back to walk around barefoot.

  49. I don't like wearing socks.

  50. I take a vitamin every morning.

  51. I would like to travel to New England as I've never been more North than Pennsylvania.

  52. I would also like to travel to HI and AK.

  53. To date, I'm not really into scrapbooking (although I would really like to start keeping Alayna's baby book in the form of a scrapbook).

  54. I hope to take a photography class next year so that our memories can be captured by more than a simple point-and-shoot methodology (and since one of my favorite photographers now lives in OH).

  55. I love to swim, I just hate getting into a swimsuit.

  56. I enjoy having my nails done.

  57. I have a Master's Degree in Public Health, with a concentration in Epidemiology.

  58. I worked in Bioterrorism Preparedness prior to our move to VA in 2003.

  59. I love vacationing at the beach, specifically the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

  60. I met my husband while moving in (my apartment was directly above his)-although we didn't "hook up" until a year later.

  61. I hope to learn how to bake bread before the end of the year (yet another 2008 New Year's Resolution).

  62. I wear a size 9.5 shoe.

  63. I love crawling into a bed with freshly washed sheets.

  64. My favorite scented candles are warm sugar cookie, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon vanilla (ie. those found during the Christmas holiday).

  65. I spent most of my childhood in a small rural community in Eastern Iowa.

  66. People, Shape, and Real Simple are a couple of my most favorite magazines.

  67. I enjoy trying new recipes.

  68. My favorite kind of juice is OJ.

  69. My perfect day would be one with NO responsibilities (and maybe relaxing on the beach in low mid-70 degree weather).

  70. I love sweets, specifically anything with chocolate in it.

  71. Sadly, I've had to give up chocolate (at least for the next 4-6 months) because it bothers Laney's tummy.

  72. I learned to play the flute/piccolo and piano; however, I haven't played either in about 10 years.

  73. I love the smell of a fired up backyard grill. Yummmm, hamburgers.

  74. I enjoy cutting up hotdogs and mixing them into Mac-n-Cheese.

  75. My favorite clothing store is Ann Taylor Loft.

  76. My favorite flavor ice cream is Cookies-n-Cream/Oreo.

  77. I spend waaaay too much time on the computer.

  78. I love my friend Sara's homemade pizza.

  79. I love my friend Gina's Apple Crisp.

  80. I use internet BillPay to pay for all but 1 household bill.

  81. I cannot stand flourescent lighting.

  82. I've only had two pets in my lifetime, if you don't count a guppy and a lizard (who needs pets when you have two tiny tikes?)

  83. I experienced my 1st hurricane this year when Dolly decided to get upclose and personal.

  84. I love snorkeling.

  85. I love to use Google to find answers.

  86. I love perfume.

  87. I don't wear makeup except for special's too much work to wear everyday.

  88. My middle name is Dawn.

  89. I don't have any allergies.

  90. I've never been stung by a bee.

  91. My favorite camping activity is cooking s'mores.

  92. I used to be completely frightened by public speaking, now I'm just kinda frightened.

  93. I've never been hospitalized for a serious injury/illness.

  94. I enjoy picking and carving pumpkins.

  95. During the Christmas season, I love to sit in a room where the only light is from the Christmas tree.

  96. I hate extra scribbles on my paper. Therefore, my calendar is done in pencil so that I can erase, leaving a "clean" week.

  97. I enjoy finding a good bargain. However, if it's not staring me in the face, I probably won't find it. I'm not patient enough to look through bin after bin and rack after rack.

  98. I have to eat breakfast each morning otherwise my day seems "off", resulting in me being grumpy.

  99. I love eating breakfast for any meal. French toast is, by far, my favorite.

  100. I enjoy a good nap (preferrably, longer than an hour).


Sab Mad said...

we have so much in common, it's eerie

Bev said...

i don't like wearing socks either.

Elizabeth said...

I knew we had a lot in common, but my goodness, I had no idea it was this much! No wonder we get along so well! I think we have many of the same strengths, so it's fun to visit. But, we also have many of the same weaknesses, so it's no surprise we've had our "differences." I love you! Congratulations on 100 posts!

sarajworley said...

Oh, I'm so glad you love my pizza! :-) You made me smile. It's funny even after all these years that I still am learning so many new things about you. How in the world did you come up with 100 things to list??? I think I'd be stuck at 20! Miss you.

Katie L said...

I learned so much about you! What a great gal you are!

Dion said...

I learned so much about you just now! You went to Auburn? I currently live down the road a stretch from there!