Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~October 5

Just to provide you with an update regarding the new recipes that I tried last week....the Bruschetta Chicken was delicious! It was easy and quite healthy. It's definitely a recipe that I will be making again. I've got 3 new recipes in my plan to try this week, recipes I found a couple of weeks ago when Laura hosted the Family Favorites Edition of MPM.

Monday--Sweet & Zesty Meatballs (these are easy to freeze, so we will only be eating them one night)
Tuesday--Tater Tot Casserole
Wednesday--Leftover TT Casserole
Thursday--Sweet & Sour Chicken
Friday--Leftover SS Chicken
Saturday--Bourbon Chicken
Sunday--OPEN (Randy has requested that one day during the weekend be open for him to cook--Woohoo!)

I'll let you know next week how we liked the meatballs, casserole and SS Chicken.

**UPDATE**We enjoyed all 3 new recipes. Everything was so easy to make. I've got meatballs in the freezer for when I don't feel like cooking a rainy day. The Tator Tot Casserole was so yummy that Josiah had NO problem cleaning his plate (he is a BIG fan of tator tots). And while the Sweet & Sour Chicken is not the same as you would enjoy at a Chinese Restaurant, it was still delish and much lower in fat.


Elizabeth said...

I'd love the link to the meatball recipe. And I have the best sweet and sour chicken recipe, but it so time-consuming I rarely make it. Happy eating!

Carrie said...

Looks yummy! Is Randy planning on making brisket?