Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stellan's Birthday

If you haven't yet met MckMama and don't yet know Stellan, I encourage to visit her. This is one of the most amazing stories, one that proves that God still performs miracles today.

Pulled directly from her blog....
MckMuffin is our 36 week old unborn son S--our fourth blessing! He was quite unexpectedly given to us, and even more unexpected was his diagnosis of heart failure: Premature Atrial Contraction at 20 weeks; Supraventricular Tachycardia, hydrops, and intermittent advanced secondary heart block at 23 weeks; and enlargement of the heart at 32 weeks. We were told at 24 weeks that he would surely die. God performed a miracle and MckMuffin is still with us! The doctors are unsure about what will happen to our baby when he is born. But God is not unsure!! We are praying for MckMuffin's full healing, but we know that God is good no matter what He decides.

The results of the amniocentesis yesterday showed that Stellan's lungs are mature enough, so the doctors moved forward with scheduling his birth. TODAY, at 9:30AM CST, Stellan will bless the world with his life via c-section.

Please wrap MckMama and her family in your prayers as a range of tests will be performed on Stellan as soon as he is born and about his enlarged heart and about what may or may not happen at the moment he is set apart from me and his heart begins to tick completely on its own.
UPDATE: Stellan was born at 10:19 am CST, weighing in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces and measuring 19 inches long.
The NICU attended the birth--which went very smoothly--and Stellan is with the NICU team now. MckMama is recovering and, in spite of a pretty low blood pressure, is feeling well. She has seen Stellan only briefly, but Prince Charming has been back and forth between her and baby Stellan. When she is stable, she'll be wheeled on her bed down to see their new baby. Details on exactly how Stellan is doing as well as photos of the sweet baby will be forthcoming. But, let's just say that Stellan got a 9 and a 9 on his APGARS and the NICU team has yet to find a single thing wrong with him...


Julie said...

I will pray for them. I can't imagine going through that. It takes strong people to deal with complications of a little one!

Bev said...

Yay! I will keep praying.