Friday, October 17, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday (HFH)-Week 4

Thankfully, this week went much more smoothly for me. I don't think I could have endured another week of craziness without having been prescribed a psyche my own husband.

Since taking BOB out last Friday, I've been a lot more inclined to take the kids out on Monday evening when Randy spends his nights at the hospital. I guess I just needed to "break him in" to get the "wheels" rollin'. And as hard as it is to push 50+ in a jogging stroller, I'm enjoying it. It's a win-win for all involved. I get to exercise, the kids are contained, and we're all getting some much needed fresh air.

Here is what my week looked like:

Friday--3 M with BOB
Sunday--4 M
Monday--off (although I did take the kids out for a 1 M walk around the neighborhood)
Tuesday--4 M
Wednesday--3 M with BOB

All of my hard work paid off as I LOST 2 lbs this week, a pound more than my goal! I'm so close to grabbing this badge, I can smell it! When I weighed in earlier this week yesterday (because I was just curious), I had lost 3 lbs, but because I chose to go out and play Bunco with my MOPS chicas last night, I didn't get a "last minute workout" in.

Christie's question(s) du jour is "which part of your body do you want to "refine" during this process?" and "which part is your favorite?" The point is to become aware and proactive about specific changes you want to make about your body, rather than just "losing weight", while still appreciating the perfectness you have in other areas.

These were hard questions to answer as I would like to "refine" every body part. But since I've been instructed to only focus on one, I think I would choose my arms. Back in my competitive swimming days, I had great arms and a strong back. Sadly, I didn't appreciate them "back then" as I had the most difficult time finding shirts that would was so frustrating. I would give anything to have those arms back. I'm soooo over the jiggly jello mold that has replaced my tricep. On the flip side, if I had to choose a part of my body that I love hate less, I would choose my back. While my triceps definitely morphed into something else, my back has remained somewhat flabby-free. I'm not saying that it doesn't need some work, but it's just not as needy as my quads, hammies, glutes, abs, etc. Plus, it's the only body part that seems to tan well. :-) I *heart* a good tan, I just don't *heart* skin cancer or wrinkles.

If you had to answer these questions, which part of your body would you select as "needing the most refinement" and "closer to perfect"?


Michelle said...

Great job!! Boy, I really need to get the excercise part in. Keep it up, you are doing awesome! You'll be grabbing that shiny badge in no time! :)

sarajworley said...

Yay, Jessi! Great job! I'm with you- I'd definitely refine my arms (along with a lot of other things). I'm so impressed with your exercising. If only I could be as motivated and disciplined. Miss you.

mom_of2boys said...

Congratulations! Keep up the great job!

Bev said...

You're doing good. Keep it up.

The body part I would most like to refine on myself would have to be my stomach, which literally now looks like a bowl full of jelly.

Anna said...

yay!!! For 2 pounds! Did you ever think 2 pounds would be so exciting...? Keep up the good work!