Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday "Treat Edition"-Week 6

I can't believe that I've been immersed in this challenge now for 6 weeks (2 weeks behind my fellow comrades). Many Researchers focused on Behavior Modification will tell you that it takes approximately 6 weeks to form a new habit. I'm really hoping that my efforts to change my behavior stick. After all, I've got a half marathon, in April, to continue training for.

I'll be the first to admit that these past 6 weeks have definitely had their fair share of "bumps in the road". But the important thing to reflect on is that I pushed my way through...through late evening runs, through illness, through tired/sore knees, through weight losses AND gains, and through temptations to break down and eat an entire batch of Baked Oatmeal with blueberries. YUM! Sadly, I've just had to refrain from baking, which is really hard for me during this time of year. I LOVE anything pumpkin, and I've run across some really yummy looking recipes that I'm just dying to try. But I know that as soon as I finish baking my product, I won't just stop at one serving. So it's best just not to put that temptation out there. I digress.

So last Thursday I woke up feeling just terrible and continued to feel bad through Monday. I was so nauseous that I hardly ate....definitely not the best method for losing weight. When Tuesday morning rolled around, I felt A LOT better. And since then, I feel like I've been playing "catch up" (note to self: you cannot catch up on lost calories or sleep), eating whatever I can find. Thankfully, I don't keep a whole lot in our pantry...and I am low on sugar so I can't bake anything. Needless to say, my not feeling well for 5 days really killed my calorie burning progress. What is it that they say, "One step forward, two steps back"? Don't worry, though, I'll push through this, too.

So my sorry looking week looked like this:
Saturday--5K race (completed in 33:16 at 10:42/M pace)
Tuesday--4 M
Thursday--5 M

It didn't help either that Randy was on-call and didn't come home Monday evening and didn't get home until 10:30PM Wednesday evening so that he could watch the kiddos while I enjoyed a nice run. I know, that's no excuse since I have BOB, the most awesome jogging stroller ever, but I feel better when I can blame my work out deficiencies on something other than "I don't wanna".

Okay, enough....what did the scale say this morning? NO CHANGE.

After the week I had, I'm pleased to see that I didn't gain. I'm giving myself another 3 weeks to finally reach the monumental 10 pound loss (and grab another shiny badge). Then I've got another 15 to lose to get back to pre-preggo weight, which I hope to achieve (and be trimmer) by April's race.

Christie didn't have a question of the week. Instead we were instructed to have fun....posting pictures of our kids, pets, pumpkins, etc. in their Halloween getup. While I grew up having my mom make our costumes and then having my dad drive us into town to trick-or-treat, Randy didn't. Therefore, our family doesn't either. We will attend our church's Fall Festival, but there will be no costumes involved or candy accrued (Josiah doesn't I don't need it). But just because we don't "do" costumes, doesn't mean we don't carve pumpkins (and roast the seeds). I decided to carve a small pumpkin this year, thinking it would be less work. As it turned out, it took more work to scrape the inside of the small pumpkin than it does a larger one. I usually carve a Christian symbol instead of the traditional jack-o-lantern face (last year it was THE cross and two years ago it was THE fish), but when I asked Josiah if he wanted a "J" for Josiah and Jesus or a face, he chose a face. Josiah got so excited after I cut out each part. He was so proud of it...he couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home.

And to go along with Josiah's pumpkin, I thought I would dig out the same onesie that Josiah wore for his first Halloween-two years ago-for Laney to wear. The onesie barely fit her, but I was determined to get pics of her in it, too.

Josiah--2.5 months old (2006)

Laney--6 months old

So back to weight did you do this week?


Stephanie said...

Hey, I'd vote that as a pretty good week. Any week you don't gain is good! You asked what the couch 2 5k is, and it's a beginning running plan. Keep up the good work :)


Trisha said...

The onesie baby pictures are so cute! I wish I would have done that with my kids.

I added you to my list. I hope that's ok!

Bev said...

Ok, I didn't realize the first pic showing the onesie was Josiah, so when I looked at it I was kinda confused, thinking Laney's features really had changed. Silly me.

Love the little pumpkin.