Monday, November 3, 2008

Just One More Hour

The end of Daylight Savings time is really bringing me down. Not only do I dislike the fact that it's dark by 6PM so it feels much later than it really is, I loathe what it's done for Laney's (and my) sleep schedule. The last two mornings Laney has woken up around 6AM, ready to eat, be changed and play. I just wanna say "Just one more minute hour, Laney".

In traveling around the blogosphere this morning, I see that I'm not the only one who wishes for 365 days of non-clock-changing-time. My friends, Shelley and Elaine, also had troubles with their youngins.

Thankfully, Josiah adjusted well, still waking up at 7AM. I don't think I could function at my normal 75% (which is my maximum output since I'm a couple hours shy of my desired 8 hours of sleep) during the day if I had to be up with TWO small children at 6AM. We'd all be ready for a nap by lunch, if not before.

How about you, reporting any adjustment issues?


Elaine said...

How funny...I just made a VERY similar post.

Parkinson Family said...

Absolutely agree! The rumors are that the government is slowly fizzling this thing out, though. Hopefully it will be completely obsolete within a few years. Probably by the time our kids are grown and it no longer matters to us!!

Julie said...

Yep - The Little One now wakes up at 5:30 instead of 6:30. I feel like I am not functioning at all today! I never thought much about this until now - when I have a kid. This is no fun!