Friday, November 21, 2008

Small Fryday Contest

It's no secret that I, in addition to 1000's of others in the blogosphere, am addicted to enjoy reading MckMama's blog, My Charming Kids. She tells the most miraculous story of how our Mighty Creator healed her unborn son, Stellan, from a fatal heart condition. Stellan is now a 3 week old perfectly healthy little man.

Stellan joins 2 older brothers, Big Mac (K) and MckNugget (C), and an older sister, Small Fry (M)...hence the name of this contest. MckMama is offering a customized blog header and some photography goodies. The only requirement for entry is to mention her contest on your blog....hence this post.

Oh, how I would LOVE a customized blog header....I've really been struggling with this one but I'm too frugal to spend the dinero to have one "done" for me. And photography goodies....ooh, la, la. I'm secretly hoping my husband blesses me with a digital SLR camera for Christmas so some photography goodies would be awesome!

Again, if you haven't checked out MckMama and her MSC (many small children) yet, you're missing out....on one Charming addiction.

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Anna said...

I love MCKMama and the tales of her "PC" and "MSC". How she does it all...I don't know (well, God's goodness, grace and mercy...for sure!). It was funny...I found her through you and then I was randomly posting a reply and I saw you had too!

Good work on the running! Your times are awesome and you're going a fabulous job. I'm going to put together a plan for the April 18th Half in C'Ville....I've been slacking. ;-)