Friday, November 7, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday~Week 7

This week was pretty quiet and uneventful (if you don't count the election). So I'll "cut to the chase"....

I LOST 2 lbs. this week!! WooHoo! I'm now just 2 pounds shy of losing 10 pounds and saying "hello" to another decade of numbers. Just 6 more pounds till I reach my 15 pound Christmas weight loss goal and 17 more pounds before reaching my pre-preggo weight.

My week looked like this:

Saturday--walked around outlet mall for 4 hrs
Monday--4.75 M run
Wednesday--4 M run
Thursday--4 M run with BOB

I'm not entirely sure why I lost as much as I did when I'm hardly impressed by my work outs for the week. However, I'm really watching what I'm eating....including NO Halloween candy! Randy told me that if I lost 2 pounds this week that he'd treat me to Mimi's Cafe. I *heart* their pumpkin spice muffins, which they only make during this time of year (unless they've changed the menu). YUM! Oh, how I've missed you during the last 4 years.

My goal this week is to increase my runs to 5 miles each work out so that I can reach 6 M by next weekend, which is distance I'll sit at until January. It's time to start to improving my pace.

Christie's project of the week was to fill in the blank:

My life would be better if I had more ________.

Wow, where do I start? There are so many things that I could use to fill in the blank. Putting all of the tangible, material things aside, I would answer....

My life would be better if I had more FAITH.

Simply, more faith would result in less anxiety and less worry. As a new SAHM, I worry if I'm contributing to my children's learning experience as well as Josiah's old child care providers did. I worry if Laney, at 6 months, is behind in reaching her developmental milestones since she's not showing many signs of wanting to be mobile. I worry that Laney will be sick more frequently and/or have allergies if I can't keep up with breastfeeding. I worry that Randy will have a hard time earning a living for his family in 3 years after Senator Obama takes Office in a few months. I worry that I'll never have the ability/energy/time to keep a clean and organized home. I worry that some folks won't like what I buy them for Christmas. Oh, how the list goes on and on. Just reflecting on it....makes me..well, worry. It also makes me tired.

More faith in God's plan would make me realize that worrying gets me nowhere...and fast! More faith would calm me down and make me realize that I'm where I'm supposed to be right now! More faith would assure me that He has equipped me to care for my children the way that He desires for me to. And more faith would comfort me to know that He will provide our every need, despite the possibility that our health care system will receive a major facelift. He is in control, and I simply need to have more FAITH in His plan.

How would YOU fill in the blank?


Parkinson Family said...

Jessi!! Don't let me ever hear you quetion whether or not being a SAHM is the best thing for your kids. You are an amazing woman, a devoted Christian, and most importantly, you are their mother! No other person in the world can raise them as well as their own mom. They will cherish you for the sacrifices you are making for them.

Michelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work! I agree with the above post. Nothing could be better for your kids then to have their mom home with them!! :)

Bev said...

So when you say you walked around an outlet mall for 4 hours, do you mean you were shopping or power-walking?

I need more space, as in space of my own - not my parents.

Elizabeth said...

I promise, I will love what you get me for Christmas.

And Bev's right-what exactly did you do around the outlet mall for 4 hours?

Again, you are your child's best teacher. Don't ever think otherwise!

Jessi said...

Just the thought of power walking in any location makes me chuckle. I was shopping--Christmas shopping. And while it can't compare to running a marathon, it was still time off my butt, so I counted it. ;-) I appreciate the inquiry, Bev and Elizabeth.

sarajworley said...

Yay! 2 MORE pounds! I'm so impressed, Jessi. You're doing great! And you're the best SAHM for those kids ever. Someday you'll look back on these days with lots of nostalgia and love. I love you.

Trisha said...

I also tend to worry more than I would like. This always helps... Matthew 6:25-34

Way to go on the 2 pounds... especially resisting the Halloween candy. I've got to get ours out of the house!

Sab Mad said...

2 more pounds is awesome!!!

You go girl!!

Christie O. said...

Great job on last week's loss!! Wow!! I'd say those were some pretty long runs, and eating well, all of that sounds like it adds up to me!!! Congrats!!

Christie O. said...

ps. i really loved your answer. it was another one that made me think and reevaluate myself. faith would help me answer things i need answers to and help ease some of my fears and worries too. and by the way -- i know it doesn't help to worry, but the fact that you care about these things shows that you're a very loving mother and wife, so that counts for something!