Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday (HFH)-Week 5

This week started and ended not-so-good. While my body has finally figured out what I'm trying to do, and as inspired as I am to keep up the downward direction of the scale readout, I'm tired. I'm tired of waiting until 9PM to go out for a run (after the kids go to bed), I'm tired of eating cardboard as afternoon snacks, I'm tired of sore knees (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome), and I'm tired of not seeing my husband. So when the weekend finally gets here, I want to spend time with my huband--as a family--not hittin' the gym. That's my excuse for the not-so-good start. And the not-so-good ending can thank the nausea, headache, vertigo, and cramps of the last two days. Sounds fun, huh? On bright side, however, I was able to get in two really good runs (and one walk) in the middle of the week. Here is how the week panned out:

Sunday--3 miles with BOB
Monday--1.5 mile walk with BOB
Tuesday--5 miles
I'm pleased to report that even though my week was less than jaw-dropping, I still lost 2 pounds. Making my total weight loss 6 pounds since starting this challenge 5 weeks ago!

And I'll take this badge....thank you very much!!!!

Christie's question this week was "what are some of your favorite things necessary for your success in this weight loss challenge?" My list is fairly short, but what I've listed is important for me to reach my goal.

  • #1 "thing" that is necessary for me to keep going is the support of my husband. If he wasn't willing to care for the kids or give up an hour of time together, I wouldn't be 6 pounds down. Thank you, Randy.
  • iPod with a couple of rockin' playlists
  • I have to have a good running shoe. If my feet aren't comfortable, it throws the rest of my body "off". I've been a lover of Asics for a long time. It used to be the Kayano but now I'm a faithful 2100 Series woman.
  • Running capris (I'm not much of a short wearer until Race Day)
  • Healthy recipes and fun snacks

One of my favorite dinners is Bourbon Chicken. I enjoy it so much that I include it on my meal plan at least once every other week. And one of my favorite waist-friendly desserts is Spice Pumpkin Muffins (I use 1/4 c. applesauce instead of the 1 c. water that this recipe calls for, but everything else is the same). And much as I would LOVE one of these (the Apple Pie is my favorite), I've found that I can satiate my sweet tooth by drizzling 1 T. fat free caramel topping over 1/2 a Gala apple. Why only 1/2 an apple? Well, that way it's only 1/2 the calories for me and then I'm ensured that my son gets a healthy snack, too. ;-)

What would you include on your list of necessary things to help you achieve your weight loss goal?


Natalie said...

Great job on the weight loss this week!

Christie O. said...

yes! congrats on the weightloss!!! i'm gonna have to try both of those recipes, i've seen that pumpkin spice one around before but i've never tried it! anyway, i know it's frustrating finding the time, i'm so glad you have such a supportive husband. i am too that same way, i have to run when he gets home from work and by then, at the end of the day, i'm spent! but i have a cup of hot tea and bolt out the door anyway.. even though if i had my way, it would be in the cool refreshing morning all by myself around 8 a.m. But alas, there's no one around to watch them, so I gotta take what I can get. I'm right there withya sister!

Christie O. said...


Julie said...

Good Job on the loss. I always try to exercise with the little one around. Maybe I need to change that?

Sab Mad said...

Good for you!

I would include PBJ's as my weight loss secret!

Anna said...

YAY!!! Love the inspiration! Your blog is super cute, by-the-way :-) I'm having a hard time staying motivate to run in the evenings b/c it's DARK and COOOOOOOLD! :-(

Bev said...

no tortillas would help me achieve my goal, but c'mon - they're hard to pass up.