Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Under $2

How many of your daily staples cost you less than $2 "these days"? For us, the answer is "not many". Even a half gallon of whole milk for Josiah costs more than $2.

HOWEVER, all.the.way.down.here, we can buy (today) a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline for......$1.93.

How sad is it that I am excited that our gas prices are back to being less than $2/gal? I remember, "back in the day", when gas was $0.98/gal. And even then, we thought that that was a lot.

Before we moved, I was repeatedly told how much less the cost of living was going to be down here. I hadn't really noticed too much of a difference as most, if not all, of our groceries, utiilities, and insurances cost the same (and in some cases, more) as what we paid in VA. I'm definitely seeing the difference now. Our friends in VA are now paying a good $0.32 more than us at $2.25/gal.

What are you paying in your neck of the woods?


Bev said...

$2.63 in Pecos at the Flying J.

Shelley said...

Crazy isn't it? We're so conditioned now that we actually get EXCITED to pay $2/gallon. My husband was bragging about topping off the car for $20. I remember when we could fill an empty tank for that! Here in Iowa we're at around 1.97/gallon. I try not to get too excited though because I'm just assuming it will go back up again. But it's nice for now!

Erin said...

Wowie! That's so nice. I was actually able to FILL our big old Suburban tank (42 gal) for less than $100 recently (it did have some gas still in it, but still... its been a loooonnng time since I've been able to do that). In GA the lowest I've seen it is about $2.19, I believe. I'm really hoping we'll drop below $2, especially in time for our Thanksgiving travelling :-)

Carrie said...

Lucky lucky, depending on where we get it, it ranges between $2.20 and $2.34.

I talked to Charla last night, she sounds happy and that all that matters.

Good luck with the little girl and her teeth.

Julie said...

Wow - I am jealous. I was excited to see ours down to $2.95 per gallon (in Utah). I can't believe it's that cheap every where else!

Elizabeth said...

$2.08 yesterday and I was thrilled. It only cost me $40 to fill up my tank! The crazy thing is that $40 used to be my gas budget FOR THE MONTH!

Elaine said...

$2.36 in Ruston, LA today! I just filled her up.