Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Josiah: Our Very Own Weed

It just amazes me how fast the young mind and body grows. Josiah and I talk to Randy every night, and each night Randy asks what Josiah did that day. And it seems that I have something fun and new to report each night. However, the most recent developments seem not to be related to what he is doing but rather to what he is saying.

This past weekend while outside playing, Josiah heard an we looked for it. Josiah pointed to it and followed it as far as he could until it disappeared into the clouds. When I asked him where it went, he replied while shrugging his shoulders and lifting his hands, "don't know".

Last we called my parents to wish Papa a "Happy Birthday" but because he wasn't home yet, we ended up talking to Grandma for a while. Randy and I are trying to instill good manners into our little 17-month old (we've asked for "please" and "thank you" so many times that he's starting to get it), so when Grandma asked Josiah a "yes/no" question, I encouraged him to reply, "Yes, ma'am". And much to my amazement, he repeated, "Yes, ma'am" just clear as day.

Josiah also enjoys talking on the phone with "da-da". He will take the phone from me and talk to Randy for a good 5 minutes, saying all sorts of things that only he can understand. But he says it with such passion, so whatever he's saying it is about something exciting.

Additionally, during our last trip to WalMart we picked up some popcorn chicken at the deli. When we were checking out, Josiah said "hi" and waved to the patron behind us and pointed to his sample of popcorn chicken (compliments of the deli guy) and said "chicken"...just all proud that he could tell someone else what he had. It just made me laugh.

This increased ability to communicate has all happened within just the last two weeks....and I'm really enjoying it. It still frustrates me when he points and says something but still have no idea what it is that he wishes to have, but we have a good start. I enjoy being able to have a short dialogue with my little man. Many people tell me that they enjoyed the "baby" stage the most and were saddened by their growth out of that stage, but I have to say that I'm definitely enjoying the two-way interaction with my toddler, much more than I ever did when he just laid on the floor and stared at me.

On a different note....We have also transitioned Josiah to a booster seat to use at the table, he has NO desire to sit in his highchair anymore. He's getting to be such a big boy. Here is a pic of Josiah sitting in his "big boy" chair for the first time.

Josiah has also learned how to say "cheese" when we want him to smile. It just cracks us up at how much "cheese" he gives us and how he poses for the camera....this reminds us of how our nephew, Christian, used to have multiple expressions that he would pose for the camera on command.

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