Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home, again

Josiah and I are back in VA from a whirlwind weekend to Tulsa, OK where Randy has spent the last month rotating at In His Image. We not only got to see my husband and "dada", we also got to spend some time with his brother and family, whom I hadn't seen since last Christmas.

After spending some time with a couple of the residents and their wives on Friday, I feel like I'm back to "Square One" with regards to which program fits us the best. I fully prepared to NOT like the program based on how little Randy mentioned about the types of events/bible studies/etc. there are for the residents' wives to participate in. Since I will be giving the "stay at home mom" thing a try after we move, it's become EXTREMELY important for me to know what my options are as far as getting involved, if I want to. So on Friday, I got to meet with a couple of residents' wives who stay at home with their children and found out that there is more than enough to do to stay sane during residency. I don't know much about Moms Day Out, but the two women I talked to, take their children so that they can have some "down time" to run to the store, work out, etc. In addition, there is a ladies bible study on both Tuesday AM and Thursday PM where free child care is provided. Then there is the consideration of what Tulsa has to offer: zoo, parks, walking trails, libraries, etc. So there is my dilemma....which to rank #1: Tulsa or Harlingen? If the learning experience is equivalent, my heart tells me that I need to look at location as the deciding factor...and Tulsa would be so much closer to family (both sides). I can sit here and debate for days, but the choice has already been made for us....and God will be hiding it from us until March. UGH! I hate this waiting game.

Our travel to OK served two purposes: to visit the residency program and to visit with Randy's family. Josiah LOVED playing with his cousins (9 and 5 yo), and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in conversation with my SIL. She is also expecting a wee one, about a month before AJ. So we spent some time talking about babies, what I'm going to do before/after we move (i.e. how staying at home has me really freaked out and she's been doing it for the last 9 years--she's a pro), recipes that work well to freeze (in an effort to save money and prepare for the babies), blogging, etc. We even took a belly shot, which Elizabeth has posted her blog. Elizabeth is 31 weeks and we're 4 weeks behind at 27 weeks....only 13 more to go!!!!

While I don't regret our visit to OK, I hate traveling (especially by plane, by myself, with a toddler and pregnant). To top off the weekend, we arrived at the Tulsa airport on Sunday only to hear that our flight was delayed an hour due to bad weather in Memphis. An hour's not so bad, except that 1 hour quickly turned into 2 hours, resulting in us missing our connecting flight to Greensboro. NW wanted to reroute us to Chicago, but we would have spent another 1.5 hours in Tulsa and a layover in Chicago for 3-4 hours....for an arrival time in Greensboro at 9:30PM, which was way too late, considering that I still needed to drive 2 hours to VA. So I asked for a flight first thing in the AM. The good thing of the delay was that we got to spend an extra day with Randy and some additional time with his brother. :-) Well, we got home in one piece yesterday afternoon, after waking at 4:30AM to be ready for our 6:30AM flight. I should have done some laundry and collected the trash, but I wanted to spend some time relaxing and work on the baby's blanket. I definitely appreciated the quiet after the busy weekend. ;-)


Irma said...

It was wonderful seeing everyone. Josiah has grown so much and is so entertaining. We prayed for your trip after seeing all the energy in Josiah on Saturday. I'm glad you got home safely.

Joy said...

Hi Jessi! Congratulations on your little one on the way, and for the upcoming graduation! In His Image is a great program, one of Mike's classmates is an intern there. Mike went to med school in Tulsa and we loved it there. I could write a huge book on internship- but I won't! I'll just say that it wasn't as bad as I thought (at all!). You'll be fine! Send me your email and I'll give you more details/ specifics! Good luck!
Joy (The Doctors Wife)