Monday, February 4, 2008

A Taste of Freedom

Randy made it home late Friday night/early Saturday morning after driving 15 hours from Tulsa. It is so nice to have him home, again...but it will take me the next couple of weeks (or full month) to get used to having him around. Randy home = more laundry, more food, more tidying up, etc. :-) Unfortunately, by the time I get used to having him around, he'll be starting his Internship (notorious for working long hours at the clinic/hospital). :-(

Josiah enjoyed his time with "dada" this weekend. Who needs a jungle gym when you have "dada"? I guess you could equate me to the fun resulting from one of those climb on animals that have such a large spring attached to the underbelly that they hardly move. Whereas Randy is definitely as fun as a slide or a wiggly bridge...Josiah just laughs and laughs. But I find comfort in knowing that my little boy will want to "snunnel" (aka-snuggle) when we get home. :-)

I'm also very excited to report that I tasted a little bit of FREEDOM this weekend, too. Get this....I spent 1 whole hour at WalMart and 30 minutes at Target yesterday BY MYSELF! I can't remember the last time I was able to take my time at the store....I went through just about every isle--not because I needed to, but just because I COULD. :-) I almost felt naked....I didn't have to rummage through my purse in a quest to find fruit snacks, pick up dropped sippy cups, constantly tell 'little man' to sit or hold on while standing in the basket part of the cart because he will no longer sit still in the seat, or have to keep little wandering hands from knocking down anything he can reach on the shelves (doesn't he know to keep all hands and feet inside the ride while it's in motion?). Then when I got back home, Randy asked, "what took so long?" He's been gone for 90 days, and he asks me "what took so long" after being gone 1.5 hours?

We are still struggling with which program we should rank #1. After much debate and consideration of the pros and cons of each, we are still not any closer. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to select....the match closes in a couple of weeks. Oh, and another prayer request, if you think about it, is that Randy travels to PA to take the big DO PE test. It's set up just like if Randy were walking in to see a patient during an office visit...but he's being graded to see if he does EVERYTHING he's been taught in the books. It's a pretty big deal and it's extremely important that he comes home with a P for Pass. :-)

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