Sunday, February 10, 2008

Warning Label

5 years ago I made a promise (as part of our wedding vows--okay, just kidding) to Randy to learn how to make his mother's famous homemade that our children could grow up eating them just as he and his brothers and sister had. So we both got our hands dirty tonight (this was Randy's first attempt) so that our beef brisket would not be eaten alone. Now, Josiah has only had 2, maybe 3, tortillas in his entire life, but tonight he sure knew what they were (Grandma made some during our visit to Tulsa). Even before Randy could get the first one rolled out, he was asking for one.

Josiah ate the most for dinner tonight than he had in quite some time....he just couldn't get enough "ta-tia". Of course, we had to sneak in a little bit of brisket, too. Randy was pretty excited to share with Grandma just how much her grandson LOVED tortillas...."he's definitely Mexican". The conversation between Josiah and Irma was hilarious, so I thought I'd share....we had no idea what kind of effect tortillas would have on his mood (pre-tortilla= grumpy, post-tortilla= well, see for yourself)....there definitely needed to have been a warning label

CAUTION: May cause uncontrollable laughter and excited conversation in children under 2.

PS. Just to "toot" my own horn, my batch tonight was the best one to date...however, I have a way to go with regards to making them perfectly round. :-)


Irma said...

My little boy is hilarious. This is one for America's Funniest Home Videos. He's so cute.

Elizabeth said...

I agree, Josiah. Homemade tortillas will do that to ya!