Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Activity

A number of things happened over the weekend....but the most exciting was the visit from Papa and Grandma. Unfortunately, Josiah wasn't feeling 100% due to a viral infection (2-3 days of fever), so Mom and Dad didn't see him at his finest (energy and all)...but they still enjoyed watching and listening to him...he had changed so much in the short 2 months since Christmas.

Papa and Grandma had gifted Josiah with a toddler bed for Christmas. But since we had no extra room in the car, we left it in IL to be delivered later. So on Saturday, Josiah's "baby" bed was disassembled in exchange for a much more exciting "big boy" bed. Josiah just thought it was the most fun thing. In fact, he immediately claimed it as his.....while sitting on the floor, I had rested my arm on the side, and Josiah pushed it off, saying "NO". Tonight is his first night sleeping in "the bed with no sides to keep him in". It'll definitely be an interesting transition, but we feel it's one that needs to happen now so that he no longer associates the crib as his and gets upset when we bring "AJ" home.

Just to quickly revisit one of my New Year's Resolutions, I noted a goal to learn a new craft. Therefore, I learned how to crochet....just a few of the more basic stitches. So I made baby "AJ" a blanket, since I've experienced that the handmade crocheted kind are some of the best blankets to swaddle with...I've included a picture below of the finished product. While it's not perfect, I'm excited to give my baby something I put so much love in to.

I also finished a "lovey" for a friend's daughter who just had a baby's my first sewing project.

Two more Resolutions to "check" off the list. :-)

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