Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Corpus Christi/Houston Vacation: Part 2

We spent Tuesday AM at the Texas State Aquarium. It is a beautiful facility, sitting right on the bay, just next door to the USS Lexington.

The bay side of the aquarium, taken from the Lex's Flight Deck.

The dolphin show was our favorite part of the whole aquarium experience (I still think it would be awesome to be a trainer). The kids loved it!

The aquarium has a really neat touch pool where you are encouraged to touch and hold hermit crabs and urchins. Randy was brave and picked up a pencil urchin. Josiah had no interest in holding one.

The USS Lexington seen from the aquarium's "back yard"....what a big ship!

Randy and the kids at the aquarium's entrance.
We took this as we were leaving since 5 bus-loads of elementary kids took over the area as we arrived. Laney was exhausted and ready to get her nap-on for the ride to Houston.


Allison said...

The dolphins were always my favorite!! I don't even think I had ever even seen dolphins til then!

louann said...

So, so fun!

Sab Mad said...

It's been years since I have been down there and it looks more fun than I remembered. We need to take the kids!

ValleyGirl said...

COOL! What a great experience for your kids, too!

Trisha said...

I used to want to work with dolphins when I was younger. Now, sea lions. Do you think it's too late to switch gears and head down that road? :)

I love the bubble picture with Randy and Josiah!