Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beachy Sunday

We headed to the Island on Sunday, our first trip of year. Sad, I know...we live 45 minutes away from the beach, and we haven't been but one time all summer....but there is no appeal in dragging two toddlers (and all of their gear) to the beach by myself. But since we would be joining friends (who have a tent for shade) and Randy was able to go with us, I thought it would be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon...before we start a rough month.

It was beautiful out on the Island (translation: it was 10 degrees cooler). The water was a little cool, but it was still refreshing; and the sand was soft. Surprisingly, Laney wasn't too excited about the water--she went crazy in Corpus. But after we sat down, started digging a hole, and building/destroying a couple of sand mounds, she was ready. Unlike his sister, Josiah jumped right in with his friend, Lincoln. They immediately found fun in trying to jump over the waves and splashing in the "baby pool" we dug just a few feet from the "big pool".

*I decided to take the camera off 'automatic' and play in 'P'....
clearly not ready to take the next step...
but this is what we walked away with.*
We stayed all afternoon...and we heard not even one small whine from the little people. We all had a great time, and the only bit of sunburn happened on my back (due to an error in application by the husband)...is it bad to be jealous of your children because they have gorgeous tans (and don't seem to burn)?
I'm so glad that Josiah and Laney enjoyed themselves and were so well behaved because next weekend is our Program's Beach Retreat, and I'll be taking them....alone because Randy has to work.


Dion said...

Looks like you're getting good at the Photoshop collage thingy. Looks like a blessed Sunday.

Elizabeth said...

These pics make me miss the beach! I don't know if I can wait the TWO YEARS it'll probably be before I see another one.

A has the same green swimsuit as Laney. I wish we could get a pic of the two of them!

Did you pick a new blog name yet?

Trisha said...

I want to live 45 minutes from the beach! :) I thought the pics turned out great, especially that close-up of Josiah.

Cindi said...

oh, the flashbacks...when we lived in Corpus (on the island) we were 5 minutes from the beach, keep a big bucket of beach toys, and towels in my car and were there every weekend and some weekdays.
The best days were when the ice cream man came out to the beach :)

I'm jealous of your kids tans also, lol.

Sab Mad said...

Oh, do I know all about taking the kids alone while My Resident is working.

Your pictures are looking good!