Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday

During the summer, every Friday we have a playdate at the pool. It's the only place outside we can stand to be for longer than it takes us to get fastened into the air conditioned car. Have I mentioned that we have been on quite a lengthy stretch of 100 degree weather?
Much of my childhood was spent in the water, and I'd hope that my children would love it as much as I did. I'm excited to say that it takes quite a few "no, not yet"s and "wait"s once we enter the "pool zone" to keep them from jumping in alone. They are more than ready.
Here are a few pictures from Josiah's first swim at 6 months old.

These are a couple from Laney's first trip to the pool....she was just 2 months.

Thank you, Sabrina, for hosting "Flashback Friday"....I've really enjoyed looking back. Although, I'm not sure I'm too excited about next pictures of me and Randy (if I can find any).



Sab Mad said...

I love how Josiah is in the pool and Laney is lounging (and waving)!

I can't wait to see your baby pictures!

Robertson's said...

I haven't gotten to say congrats on the pregnancy yet, so CONGRATS! Your kids are soo cute.

Trisha said...

You figured out the lines! woo hoo!

Cute little fishies you have there.

Can't wait to see the baby pics... reminds me I need to get to my mom's attic to find some flashbacks. :)