Friday, July 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

I mentioned last week that I wanted to start posting old pictures, particularly of Josiah, since this blog started about a year and a half after he blessed our world. Soooo, I decided to join my good bloggy friend, Sabrina, in her "Flashback Friday" series, which she created to enable her love of looking through old fotos. I, too, enjoy drifting back....although it does make me a little sad to see just how quickly and how much my children have grown.

It was tough deciding on which pics to use for this post, so I decided to copy Sabrina's idea and use pictures from our first family vacation in July 2007. Randy's parents, brother, SIL and our nephew flew from West TX to VA to celebrate Josiah's first birthday as well as visit Washington, DC (it was their first visit).

National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial
(Randy's uncle was shot during a routine drug check at a Greyhound bus stop in West Texas in 2002)

WWII Memorial
(Iowa--the other half of his 'roots')

Randy and I always enjoyed our time in the DC area....and we miss being so far away.



Sab Mad said...

Josiah is SO little and cute! I love baby feet! I agree, it's fun to see baby pictures him.

We loved DC and really miss all that there is to do in the area. Oh, and seasons. We really miss seasons.

Shelley said...

So cute! I looked through some old pictures the other day and it's amazing how quickly they change! Go Iowa! :-)

Christie O. said...

great idea! how cute is that little man!!!