Wednesday, March 11, 2009

His Other "Pad"

My friend Trisha offered a tour of her 1st Year Surgical Resident husband's home away from home (aka on-call room) last week, so I thought I would do the same....and it dawned on me that no one other my father has seen where Randy works. So without further adieu....

Here is Randy's cubicle, which he shares with a 3rd Year Resident. If there was an award for organization, sadly my husband would not win...and he knows it, too.

This is one of two "bed" rooms for the Residents to use when they're taking "Monday Call" during their Inservice month. Mondays are also known as "Unassigned Days"...if a patient presents to the ER and does not have a PCP, that patient gets assigned to our Family Practice group. Usually, our Residents field calls from home when they're on-call, but since Mondays are so busy with admits from the ER, the docs stay up at the clinic and sleep here whenever their pager is silent. No 5 star Hotel here, folks...just the basics...but there is a window hence the glare (sorry 'bout that).

This is the Practice's conference room. Morning Report (Randy reports each morning at 7:30AM--whenever he's available and not rounding on his hospital patients--to hear/learn about particular cases), Noon Lecture/lunch, and Resident Meetings are held in this room.

And this is the "teaching room". This is where the "Teaching" Attending oversees the Residents' cases. Randy, as a 1st Year, is required to present all of his cases but as he moves into his 2nd and 3rd Year, he will only approach the "Teaching" Attending when he has questions/problems/concerns.

There you have it....Randy's other "pad". Frankly, I'm quite impressed with the facilities....Randy has his own "office", can sleep AND shower up at the clinic during Monday Call, and everything other than Randy's desk is neat, clean, and organized.


Trisha said...

Yea! You did it! Randy's got everyone else beat it looks like... I mean, the matching headboard and sidetable... nice!

It's really close though with Matt's nasty white couch and all, but yeah, Randy takes the cake... if there was one to be took :)

ValleyGirl said...

Cool! Thanks for the tour!!

Bea said...

Sweet. I'm especially loving the blue cover on the bed. Thanks for sharing :)

Melisa said...

Okay, now that I have officially given up on email notifications for noreplies, I have time to check out the blogs. Phew! :o)

I actually think his digs look really nice!

Okay, Josiah is a DOLL! Too cute!

Debbie said...

I might have to copy this post. You and Trisha inspired me. Yea, he defintely wins. Richard's call room looks like a homeless shelter.