Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Panthers

I started the Great Baby Clothes Organization Extravaganza a couple of weeks ago in an effort to increase the amount of storage space in the guest closet (because I hope to not have a reason to use them for another 2 years). I had so much fun sorting through all of the clothes and remembering back to when Josiah and Laney were small enough to fit them. During the sorting process, I pulled out some of Josiah's old jammies and a few shirts that would fit Laney now...not caring one bit that they were a tad on the boy side (she's mistaken for a boy all of the time even when I have her dressed in purple--really, it's purple, people!).

When Josiah was about 13 months, my parents came to visit, bringing gifts purchased during their trip to their beloved Alma Mater, University of Northern Iowa, Land of the Panthers. Well, I found the UNI t-shirt during my sorting rampage and thought it would be fun (and CUTE) to keep the shirt out for Laney and compare the two siblings wearing the Purple and Gold, making Maga and Papa proud!

Josiah at 13 1/2 months
(sorry for the "flashy" pic--I know now just how TERRIBLE flash is--
but it was such a fight to get a decent--non-crying--picture of him that evening)
Laney at 10 1/2 months


Shelley said...

As a UNI grad myself, I have to say Go Panthers! Of course they're both adorable in the shirt but that's just because they're cute kids anyway, UNI shirt or not!

Elizabeth said...

That's crazy. They look like the same baby! Although Josiah has more hair, which is amusing considering the conversation we just had.

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, they could be TWINS! (and not just because they're in the same shirt!!)

Melisa said...

Too cute!!!