Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's a.......

A litter of kittens....Just kidding! Randy and I stuck to our "guns" and turned our heads when we were told to (we told the Ultrasound Tech that we didn't want to know and to tell us to turn our heads when she went looking "down there"). Even though we may not know this baby's gender, we know that it's a little stinker. It didn't want to cooperate at all....a 30 minute appointment turned quickly into a 1-hour appointment. The baby had no interest in letting us get a good look at its face or head (to get the needed measurements). Therefore, we didn't get very good pictures this time around....but, thankfully, the Tech was able to obtain all the measurements she needed for the OB...and everything is looking just as it should. It looks like we're due anytime between April 30 and May 3, according to the measurements. It weighs approximately 14 ounces right now. This growth process is so amazing to me, even the second time around. It takes forever to reach the first pound, but then after that the weight gain is exponential! I might not be "showing" too much now, but just give me another month. :-)

Okay, so here are some pictures of Baby M #2 at 21 weeks.

The baby turned its head so that we couldn't see its you're looking at the ear and side profile in 3D.

Another side profile....and you can see the heart, too.


Elizabeth said...

That's one cute baby!

FerraroMama said...

She looks like her mama!