Friday, December 7, 2007

Preparing for a New Year

For some reason, my recent thoughts have skipped right over the Christmas holiday (and I love this time of year) and focused on all the events that will take place in the new year. And with every new year, a new set of Resolutions emerges. Now some of the items are repeat customers (i.e. lose weight) and this just supports the fact that many Resolutions are unrealistic and just plain silly. Therefore, my "umbrella" Resolution for 2008 is to come up with an action plan to "resolve" each of my desired Resolutions. Let me show you what I mean by putting my list "on the table".

In no particular order of priority:
1. Learn something new
a. Find a new, difficult recipe to challenge a different baking skill
b. Learn the art of completing a Sudoku puzzle and earning mucho points with Scrabble
c. Pick up knitting or sewing (finish a baby blanket for a friend)

2. Get organized
a. Buy 10 (at least) plastic storage bins
b. Go through all closets, drawers, etc and eliminate all items that have not been used in the last year. I refuse to move extra junk.

3. Stay better connected with friends and family
a. Start/maintain a blog site---As you can see I've started a bit early on this one. The real challenge will be to maintain it. :-)

4. Pay down the debt
a. Revisit using the envelope system
b. Plan meals better
c. Try generic diapers for Josiah

5. Complete another 1/2 Marathon
a. I'm still trying to figure this one out, but I know that I will need a double jogging stroller

6. Get more involved at Church (both in C'burg and after the move)
a. Offer assistance with Nursery
b. Prepare meals for families with a new baby
c. Participate in Women's Ministry events

So this is my list and action plan thus far. I will post updates as I start on each item. Best wishes to you on putting together a list and plan of your own (if you participate in this annual activity like most of the world).


Elaine said...

welcome to the blogger world...and, yes, it will be hard to maintain even with the best intentions! it'll be great to keep up with you this way

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you started a blog. Hopefully it will be easier for us all to keep in touch. Be sure and post lots of pictures of Josiah. He's changed so much in a year!

Anonymous said...

For your meal planning, trying new recipes goal, try this website., it allows you access to recipes, to share recipes with friends, and to input all our your own recipes. You can then put them all in a cookbook that you can have printed. My family is doing this to make a family cookbook that we can all keep and add to as needed.

Trisha said...

Did you ever go the generic diapers? I finally started buying Walmart and Target brands. A ton cheaper so how can you not? I still have to buy Huggies Overnites which are pricey. At least Hayes is starting to do without pullups at night (crossing my fingers!). They are 50 cents a piece!

The debt thing is a constant battle with us. Trying to pay a mountain of debt while barely making it on a resident's salary... well, we don't right now and I am always trying to find ways to save money so we can. Fun times!