Friday, December 14, 2007

Just Another Week

Boy, the weeks seem to be flying by at lightning speed. There are only 11 days until Christmas. I am really excited that Randy has been granted the time off (the day before and after Christmas) so that we can travel to IL to spend Christmas with my family. There is a lot of significance to this year's Christmas: it will be my family's first Christmas with Josiah (we spent last year in Pecos with Mom and Dad Martinez), it will be our last Christmas as a family of 3, it's Josiah's first Christmas with his new Uncle Chris, and it will probably be the last Christmas we get to share it with extended family (Residency is well-known for working all holidays--especially as an Intern). :-)

Okay, so I've made some progress on my aforementioned Resolutions list. Last week, I attended a cookie exchange as part of a Women's Ministry activity at our church. It was a lot of fun, and I returned home with a couple of good recipes. I also attempted my first Suduko puzzle (easy level); however, "attempted" is the key word--I've still not finished it. Either these puzzles are more difficult than they look or I've really lost my "skills", which is more likely of the two explanations. I also purchased some generic diapers for Josiah this week, in hopes of being able to decrease the diaper budget--they are SO expensive. And since we'll have TWO in diapers soon, I need to save money now where ever I can. I'm very willing to try what has worked for others, so please feel free to share. :-)

I'll have much more exciting news to share next week. We have our 21 week ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday at 1:30PM. As curious as I am this go around to find out what we've been blessed with (after all, I did manage NOT to look with Josiah), Randy is making us stick to our "guns". I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.


Lori said...

Jessie, good luck with the generic diaper. I did just see, however, on TV that Luvs just got stretchy. I know they aren't generic but they are cheaper. The Target brand is awful and so is the Walmart brand that comes in the yellow package. The best generic diaper, if that is possible, are the White Cloud you can get at Walmart. If Josiah is wavering between two sizes you may want to go to the larger size. You won't have to change as often. Josiah is so big and so adorable! Sorry we didn't get with Randy when he was here. How did that go?

Elizabeth said...

I've heard the Target brand is great, and the White Cloud stinks. I've only tried the White Cloud (it's been quite a few years) and I hated them. The only diapers that worked for my kids were Huggies. And my theory is, if you have to use more of them because they have less absorbency or they leak more, you may as well buy the name brand. I NEVER bought generic wipes b/c I had to use twice as many. Totally defeats the purpose.

FerraroMama said...

Jessi - you can do it! Don't cheat, you know how excited you will be when the doctor announces at long last what your little surprise is (and I don't mean "it's a baby!") I will miss you tomorrow but I know you can be strong and wait to be surprised until baby arrives. Hope you find that the generic brands work well for you as they have for me. See you later Jerky McJerkface.