Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Ba-ba" Update

I'm very excited (and sad) to share that our little man is growing up...too fast. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my dilemma regarding whether to buy Josiah more pacifiers and gradually reduce the amount of time with it so as to wean him from his dependency or to make him go "cold turkey". Well, I did go out and buy a couple more (just in case), but we did not have to use them. I guess he was weaning himself and was ready to give it up "just like that", throwing the last two in the trash himself. He's only asked for it a couple of times since then, and truth be told, there have been a couple of long nights when I was close to breaking down and giving him one (but I resisted), but when we tell him "your ba-ba was broken so we threw it in the trash, remember?" he seems to understand and is content with our answer. My hope is that once "AJ" arrives that he won't want to take his/hers. :-)


sarajworley said...

How glad I am for you, but it's so very sad how quickly they're growing up! He's just getting so big!

Lori, Colin, Mia & Jack said...

way to go!! it is hard to see them give up those little "baby" things isn't it? Except diapers I think. Don't stress yourself out too much!! It will all fall into place and work out for you guys. It is hard to put that much money into rent. We are doing it here and there are some months it just kills me to spend it and it isn't even our own but, there have been some things that have had to be repaired we are glad we haven't had to pay for but this house is a lot older than one you can probably get into in TX and the housing market is good for buyers right now. I say buy and think about selling later!