Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few tears

While my mind may seem to be completely focused on when this baby will arrive, I have not forgotten that two of my good friends will be leaving soon.

My good friend, Sara, will be leaving today and heading to FL with her family to begin preparing for their new life in Jacksonville. Sara and I connected 3 years ago (Randy ran into her at the grocery store and gave her my phone number) and have been friends ever since. Before our oldest children were born, Sara and I would get together once a week to watch Survivor. It was a great way to keep ourselves busy while our husbands studied. The following year, we got pregnant (7 weeks apart). We had so much fun keeping our same schedule of once a week get togethers, but instead of watching Survivor, we ate and shared our pregnancy experiences....it was so neat to see how each pregnancy differs.

During the last 2 years, our families had grown by one son each. Unfortunately, when you add a little one to the mix, things can get kind of crazy, so we haven't been able to get together as often as we would like, but when we do, we start right where we left off from the last get together. Josiah and Grant have so much fun now but they've always enjoyed each other's company. In fact, when they were infants, I remember a time where I had set Josiah on the floor next to Grant...and all of a sudden, Sara and I heard a conversation. It was the sweetest sound we'd ever heard.

Now, 3 years later, our families have each grown by one more (Mason and AJ will be 6 weeks apart). And it saddens me that our children will be separated, learning a new place, new people, etc.

In addition to sharing our experiences as mommies, we have been a source of support for each other when our husbands were busy studying, when things didn't quite go as planned, when we needed guidance about being a Biblical wife, and most recently, when our lives got flipped turned upside down with planning for our moves to begin residency.

I knew that this time would come, and we would go our separate ways. But it doesn't make it any easier to say "good-bye". Sara, I have been blessed to know you. I will miss you, dear friend.


Elaine said...

jessi...it is so very hard to move and lose friends. i have gone through it several times now. i will be praying that God will provide you a wonderful neighbor/friend that you can share your life with. i know we don't "talk" anymore, but i still think of you as one of my greatest friends...you were my first birmingham friend. i enjoy keeping up with you and will bend an ear ANYTIME you need a friend.

Stephanie said...

Oh, you made me cry, Miss Jessi! I will miss you, too. You've definitely been a blessing and source of encouragement to our family. Love you!

sarajworley said...

Not sure why, but evidentally my sister was on here last and changed my name to stephanie. Should be back to normal now. That last post was from me. :-) Love ya!