Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Waiting

Nope, no baby yet. We are just patiently waiting. Although today I've had A LOT of Braxton-Hicks contractions (at least what I think they are). I've had more back pain today but I think it's associated with my cleaning the bathroom, washing sheets, making beds, and doing a little bit more organizing.

I have not been "checked" by my doctor since my visit 3 weeks ago since there really is no correlation between dilation/effacing and when baby will arrive. And since I really didn't "progress" much before I went into labor with Josiah (my water broke at 2cm and 20%), I didn't want to go through the similar disappointment for the last 3 weeks.

I must admit that I'm feeling a lot more anxiety with this labor and delivery than I did with Josiah...I guess it's because I didn't know what to expect the first time. Now I'm all too familiar with what childbirth is like. I'm especially anxious about just how long it's going to take to push AJ into the world since I had to push for 4 hours with Josiah and even then we had to agree to use the vacuum...his poor little (or rather HUGE) head. :-(

I'll be sure to post as soon as "little one" arrives.


Elizabeth said...

We're anxiously awaiting. . .I have to add that I'm glad it's not me this time. It's so much easier on this end.

You will do great and so will A.J. It was definitely easier for me the second time. Your body knows what to do. We are praying that your labor starts easily and that the epidural comes quickly:)

Love you guys!

Bev said...

Eagerly waiting. I'm sure everything will go great.

Elaine said...

i keep checking your blog to see if there is any news!!!! can't wait...