Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hello & Good-bye my due date, that is. I just can't believe that this little one wants to hang out like s/he is doing. I never thought that I would ever reach my due date, so I must admit that I'm a little disappointed.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday because I was "leaking". Okay, I know, TMI...but unfortunately, it wasn't amniotic fluid. The doctor did go ahead and "check" me, though....nothing. My cervix is soft but there is no dilation going on. UGH! This is exactly the reason why I didn't want to be checked at my last 2 appointments....I didn't want to be disappointed--even though I know that dilation/effacement is no indicator that labor is imminent. I just wanted to know that my body is making progress. But I say again....there is NOTHING!

I've got another appointment scheduled for next Thursday, and hopefully, I won't need it. I'm going to patiently wait until Saturday, May 3 since that is the date that the 20-week ultrasound gave way-back-when. I really don't want to be induced, especially if my body is not ready. If yesterday, I had been 3cm and 100%, I might have really considered it. But inducing from the start increases my chances for a C-section as well as making my labor harder. Neither of which are very appealing.

So we continue to wait......


Lori, Colin, Mia & Jack said...

I was induced with both Jack and Mia and it went so well and was very predictable! I am almost afraid to go into labor on my own, if that happens. They did the cervical jelly and things just slowly progressed over the hours and then before I knew it it was time to push, of course that was after I go to a 5, thought I was going to die of pain and then got the epidural!! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you.

Bev said...

I feel ya, sister. Though I still have 4 days til my due date, I'm growing a wee bit impatient, especially since like you there seems to be no progress, not even a hint that it could happen in the next day or two. I'd like to avoid inducement also, because like you, I also worry it would just end up with a c-section. Also, tomorrow is my mother's birthday and she would really like it to happen then. Talk about pressure.

Elizabeth said...

I just wanted to tell you that we're thinking about you. The kids are so anxious to find out if A.J. is a girl or a boy. We're all hoping for something different.

Keep us updated as best you can. We love you guys.


Anonymous said...

From Annie, Scott, Katie and Deborah
Hey Jessi,
I just by chance found an e-mail with the hook-up to your blog. From my c-section experience, I think it is better to wait till you know the baby is ready on his or her own to get out. Deborah seems like she is catching up.
I wish you a happy delivery from here in Suffolk. Last week, we saw God's Grace while a tornado flew over our house and thankfully did not re-form over our neighborhood. We'll move to Jacksonville, N.C. in late July! Miss you all so much!

Lori, Colin, Mia & Jack said...

Jessi, we are very anxious to see pict of your new baby!! Congratulations!