Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Milestone Morning

Both Alayna and I reached a milestone this morning...I took BOTH kids to the doctor for Alayna's two week well-baby check up....yes, both kids. This was the first time that I had taken both kids someplace by myself. It wasn't my original plan, but I needed to feed baby girl before we headed out the door to the doctor, and I didn't have enough time to take Josiah to school beforehand....so we all went together. Josiah, for the most part, did really well, so I didn't find myself running all over the doctor's office threatening him with spankings. :-)

Alayna is an eating machine and her weight is very reflective of that fact. When weighed this morning, she tipped the scale at 9 lbs. 8 oz. This means that in the last 11 days, she gained 12 oz. WOW! I shouldn't be too surprised since she would prefer to be connected to me ALL DAY, but I'm still shocked at how much she gained and how fast. When I mentioned that Alayna is also sleeping fairly well, the doctor said that usually around the 10 lb mark, babies will tend to sleep in a 5 hour stretch. I'm totally looking forward to that point....and at this rate, that could be next week. Woo Hoo! Josiah didn't reach 6 hours until he was 6 weeks old.

I'll post more pictures later, I'm having a hard time uploading with Blogger this morning.


Bev said...

Congratulations! I know I'm a little late, but I've been a little preoccupied myself. Being a new mother isn't easy, but I'm taking it day by day.

John Michael said...

Hi! thanks for saying hi on my blog! Cute kids and good luck on the upcoming move! I'll have to keep in touch with you!

John Michael said...

oops that is my husband! This is Allison from www.thestoryof5.com

Mamatolittlelions said...

WOO HOO!! Awesome on baby girl growth! and on getting out of the house with both kids!