Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Mastercard Commerical

Huggies Size 1 diapers: $10

Graduation outfits for me and the kids: $150

6 hours of uninterrupted sleep: PRICELESS

You read it right, folks. Alayna slept for 6 hours straight last night....I'm really hoping that it's not a fluke. Josiah didn't start sleeping 6 hours straight consistently until he was 6 weeks, and Alayna will only be 4 weeks on Sunday. Now it could have been because she was soooo tired last night from all of the activity (my sisters and BIL are here for the weekend), but I'll take it. Aside from the headache I awoke with (I'm hosting my very first yard sale tomorrow and I'm stressing about setting up and wondering if we'll get rid of most everything), I'm feeling pretty great! It's simply amazing what UNINTERRUPTED sleep can do for the body and mind. However, there is a downside to infants who suddenly decide to extend their nightly dreams.....if you have ever breastfed, then you know what I'm about to body just wasn't ready to be ignored for 2 more extra hours and produced milk expecting the usual I not only woke up with a headache but with a very wet shirt. Breastfeeding sure does give a whole new meaning to "wet t-shirt contest". LOL! But in reflecting back to all of the trouble and stress that nursing Josiah was, I'll gladly take this problem anyday!


Sab Mad said...

I feel for you! I remember how un-comfy I was after the first night the TWINS slept more than 6 hours!! Yep, I feel for you!

I just saw that you are going to Sea World...fabulous place. We have season pasess there and love it!

BTW - You're right. There wasn't much in Roanoke, but that part of the country is beautiful. Way prettier than Texas. Texas has some charms too. Amazing mexican food. Amazing!

Graduation is quickly approaching!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad she's sleeping so well. It makes all the difference in the world for mommy.

Good luck with the yard sale. It will be fun to have some spending money for your new place.