Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Moving Adventure: Part 1

Our moving adventure to TX begins on Wednesday, June 11 when we are scheduled to pick up our moving truck. Most often the truck leasing offices have the trucks ready to go the night before but not this time. When Randy called Wednesday at 7:30AM to see if we could pick our truck up a little bit earlier than our reservation at 9AM, he was informed that our truck wasn't there yet and that it would be arriving little after 9AM. Well, 9AM quickly turned to 9:30AM and eventually 10AM when they called to say that our truck was ready. Randy headed over immediately only to find out that the tow dolly's lights didn't work with that truck. So he ended up waiting until 11AM for the truck that we were originally supposed to was coming from an hour away. By the time that Randy arrived back at the house, we were 2.5 hours behind schedule, and it was already 80 degrees....not ideal weather to be loading a moving truck in. Thankfully, we had quite a bit of help so it only took 1.5 hours to load everything. However, it took me 4-5 hours to clean up the house, make a run to the garbage dump, run to the store for dry ice (I was determined to move my 40 bags of frozen breastmilk), and eventually take showers so that Randy and Rudy were clean for the 30 hour drive.

Both my and Randy's drive went well. I drove the kids in our personal truck to Manassas to spend a couple of days with extended family while Randy and Rudy drove the moving truck (pulling the car) to TX. Thankfully, my drive was only 4 hours....Randy and Rudy drove all night on Wednesday and pulled into our new driveway on Thursday night.

Randy was able to get keys to our new place on Thursday night but ended up spending the night in a motel....why, you may ask...because they thought it would be fun to lock themselves out of the house and it was too late to go by our leasor's home to pick up another key. :-)

Stay tuned for more of our adventure....

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Lori, Colin, Mia & Jack said...

Nothing ever goes like you hope it will does it? At least they slept on actual beds before they had to unpack? Can't wait for part 2!