Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Moving Adventure: Part 4 (the last part, I promise)

So we arrive at our destination on Sunday, June 15...what a wonderful Father's Day gift to my husband....arriving together, as a family, to our new home. :-)

Everything is going great. Josiah has found a new place to play...our walk-in pantry. He thinks it's the coolest thing that the light turns on when you open the door and turns off when the door closes. :-) Whatever keeps him happy while we try to put our kitchen in order. We wanted to put the kitchen together first so that we didn't have to eat every meal out.

While I stopped unpacking to feed Alayna, Randy called to cancel utility service in VA and set up service in TX. One of those utilities was electricity. A few days before we packed up in VA, Randy called one of the power companies to set up service but they required a special number in order to complete the work order. By the time we obtained that number from our leasor, it was time to load up and move. So our leasor said that he had already set up service and that all we needed to do was transfer the name on the account. Randy did just that on Monday....gave them all of our ID information to make the account transfer problem, until.....

they turned off the power on Tuesday. Yes, that's right, no power. We thought that because we had been running the A/C full force (unpacking is sweat inducing) that we had a circuit short out. Nope! Turns out that they just can't "transfer" the account information. In order for our home to be under our name, they have to interrupt service, submit a work order, and then turn the power back on, which they couldn't do until Thursday (2 days later).

We were planning a trip to West Texas to visit Randy's family on Friday, so we just packed up everything and headed out the door just a few days early. It was amazing to feel just how quickly the house heated up. There was NO WAY we could have survived for 2 days in a home with no electricity. But I guess this was our fault since we didn't make the time to set up service prior to moving in. We've been enjoying our visit with Randy's family. We saw most of his family at graduation a couple of weeks ago, but we haven't seen his extended family in nearly 2 years. However, a 10 hour drive turned into a 14 hour trip due to stops for diaper changes, feedings, and leg stretching. This trip confirmed our decision to fly to TX instead of make the 1500 truck halfway across the country.

We are in West Texas until Monday AM and then we'll be stopping in San Antonio to visit Sea World. I just LOVE that place, and we're hoping that Josiah will, too. This will be our last vacation (our first one as a family, though) before Randy begins his residency program on June 30.


Elizabeth said...

I just read about your entire adventure and it makes ME exhausted. It sounds like you've been incredibly patient despite all the hang-ups. Enjoy the family in west Texas.

sarajworley said...

Oh my goodness, Jessi! What an adventure! I hope that's the end of your moving saga! I sure have been thinking about you a lot. I'm glad you're with family now and hope Sea World is wonderful! I am so anxious to talk with you. Know that you're in our prayers.

Mama to little lions said...
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