Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Moving Adventure: Part 2

So the plan was for Randy and Rudy to drive the moving truck while towing our car to TX while I drove our personal truck to Manassas with the kids. Our truck would then be transported to TX via auto transport company so that we could FLY to TX as a family (Randy was flying to Manassas to pick us up).

On Wednesday while I waited for Randy to arrive with our moving truck, I called the auto transport company to make sure that everything was in order and that our personal truck was scheduled to be picked up on Saturday in Manassas. I was assured that my reservation was confirmed. Well, on Friday, I received a call from the company asking me if I had any flexibility with regards to my pick up date. I told them that the truck HAD to be picked up by Saturday. They told me that they would see what they could do and that they would call me back. Friday passed and still no phone call back. So Saturday mid-morning, I called the company to see what they were able to arrange and about what time I should expect them. I was then informed that they could NOT do the job for me. Let me remind you that they were scheduled to pick the truck up that day. I was beyond mad!

Without going into all of the details....I demanded that a manager call me to explain why they could no longer do the job that they said they could do...confirming just 4 days prior. The manager did end up returning my call and explained that he just took over the company the previous Thursday and that he didn't receive my file until Friday at 4:30PM. I soooo did not care! He began by apologizing and stating that he would be more than happy to issue a refund of my deposit ($195). Great, but that still does not get my truck to TX, 1700 miles away! He continues by saying that he couldn't complete my reservation for amount that I was originally quoted 2 months ago, $995. I completely understand that gas prices have been going up like crazy for the past 2 weeks, but a call to inform me that due to gas prices they would need a bit more money would have been reasonable. Instead they've decided to let me believe that they were going to pick up my truck until the day they were scheduled and then let me know that they couldn't do the job! When I then asked what the new quote was going to be, the manager told me that he didn't want my money and would not provide me with the new quote. Well, after a few more minutes of me griping him out (I refrained from swearing), I hung up on him.

So where did that put me? Looking up any and all auto transport companies regardless of their BBB rating to find out if they could pick my truck up that day. I was blessed to find one, but their quote was $700 more than what I was planning on paying. OUCH! Yes, I could have driven the truck there for less than that amount, but then I would have put that many more miles on the truck, spent a good 2-3 nights in a hotel with 2 small children. Not really an option! I went ahead and "bit the bullet" and confirmed with the new auto transport company...and yes, they did come that evening and picked up the truck.

If you or anyone you know is in need of transporting a vehicle, do NOT even consider Evergreen Van Lines (and beware that they are changing their name within the next 2 weeks).

And yes, there's more to our adventure.....

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