Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Moving Adventure: Part 3

I left off with seeing our truck get put onto a tow truck (Josiah was really excited to watch this happen) so that they transporter could come for it a couple of days later.

Randy makes it into Baltimore Airport and picks up the rental car, no problem. It's not until we are headed back to the airport the following morning that we run into a slight snag. Trying to get 2 small children ready in a timely fashion....there is no such thing. We got to the airport about 1.5 hours before our flight was scheduled to depart....still, no problem. It wasn't until we got to the ticket counter that the agent asked us to see Josiah's ID, to make sure that we weren't trying to sneak him in as an "under 2 lap child". Up to this point, I've never carried any ID showing proof of age for Josiah. We were then informed that because his birthday is so close that they require a birth certificate. So they said that they could sell us a discounted seat and we could get reimbursed if we mail in a copy of his birth certificate to the airline's corporate problem, charge us, just allow us to make our flight....but it was an oversold flight, so no extra seats. After 15 minutes or so at the ticket counter, they decided to have us fill out two small sheets of paper for EACH child for EACH flight (we had a connection in Austin)...this covered their butts should an FAA representive be on our flight and ask to see IDs. I'm still not sure if they did end up refunding our discounted fare because they didn't have any extra seats, but I guess I'll find out as soon as I look up my credit card account.

So after 30 minutes at the ticket counter and 5-7 minutes going through security, we were really pressed for time. Have you ever seen Home Alone when the family is RUNNING through the airport to make their flight? Before we headed to the gate, we stopped at a family bathroom and changed the kids' diapers while each of us took turns using the potty....then we heard, "last call for SW flight ### to Austin". AHHH, Randy took Josiah and I with Alayna, and we power walked/slight jogged to our gate where we heard, "we're looking for Martinez". We did make it; but because we were so late, Randy and I had to sit apart and in two middle seats...between two men. Under any normal circumstances (one that did not involve nursing an infant), it would have been fine....but how do you protect yourself from potentially wandering eyes? Turns out that I had a bottle ready so I didn't have to expose myself, but boy, was I hurtin' when we got off in Austin (it was a 3 hour flight).

Both of the kids did really well during both flights....Alayna slept most, if not all, of both flights and Josiah took a 2 hour nap during the first leg. I really couldn't have asked for more well behaved kiddos.

Okay, their is one last part to our story.....hope you're enjoying it thus far. :-)

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