Saturday, August 23, 2008

His & Hers

Today we spent the afternoon at the beach with our friends from the Residency Program. It was a lovely day of fun in the sun (or shade for those of us in the family with a lighter complexion--um, that would be me) and sand. Josiah loves running into the water, finding little wading pools, and throwing sandy mud. He has an absolute blast!
While Randy adores his beautiful daughter, she's not at the stage yet where she's as much fun as Josiah. Therefore, Laney gets left behind, in the shade, with her whiter than white skinned mother. Laney does enjoy the water, listening to the waves, and watching all of the activity on the beach (so I'll take her)...but she shows her excitement through a BIG smile not a "watch me, daddy" and then run into the water only to get sloshed around and fall down. SO MUCH FUN!
So many of our "fun" activities result in me bonding with Laney and Randy bonding with Josiah---"His" and "Her" kids. I really don't mind at all, though. Josiah needs that "daddy time" since Randy spends a lot of time now at the hospital. And truthfully, there's only so much that Randy can do for Laney since she's still nursing. :-)

And because I've been silently designated as the Family Historian, there are MANY pictures of the kids with "Daddy" and FEW with "Mommy". But today, I handed Randy the camera and requested that he take a few pictures of me with my little princess. :-)

Isn't she just the most adorable little thing in this pink hat? Thanks, Uncle Pete & Aunt Carol!


sarajworley said...

Oh, you all are so cute! Love the pink hat! Laney is getting soooo big!! Love you guys.

Allison said...

You're making me miss the beach!! Looks like fun!

Elizabeth said...

We did exactly the same thing when we had two kids, a girl for me and a boy for Adrion. It doesn't work quite as beautifully now that we have three. It ends up being Adrion with the big kids and me with the baby.

I realized recently that there are next to no pictures of me with Addison, or even me with the big kids, since she was born. I'm always the one taking the pictures. I need to do something about that. . .

Carrie said...

All in due time, Randy will be having “date nights” with Laney and you too will be having “date nights” with Josiah. I like the new family photo. We miss you guys!