Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moving In Together

After much consideration, I decided to move the kiddos in together. I told myself that once Laney started sleeping through the night that I would really consider moving her crib. "Check"....Laney actually started sleeping 12 hours somewhere around 3 months. So last Wednesday (3.5 months), I decided to rearrange the furniture. I would post a picture of their room but I've done absolutely NO decorating since moving in...so I'm a little embarrassed.

The first full day was a little rough since I thought that she would tolerate the pack n' play okay for naptime so that Josiah would still have access to his room for playing....nope, she wanted her CRIB. So after the relocation of a few of Josiah's toys, Laney naps in her own crib while Josiah plays in our bedroom or the living room. And then when it's time for Josiah's nap (if I can convince him that it's necessary in order to go "somewhere" after nap), I'll sometimes put him in our room or other unconventional locations......

such as our closet...his new fun place to play.

Thankfully, there hasn't been too much headache with moving her in....once I figured out that she hated the pack n' play. :-) It's just one more milestone screaming "SHE'S GROWING UP". Now comes the teeth, cereal, rolling over...in no particular order, of course.

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Elaine said...

what fun...sleeping in the closet! i've been tossing up the idea of bunking k&k and turning the other room into a playroom until we decide on #3.