Friday, August 29, 2008

Paper Only

Josiah has really been interested in drawing lately. But after I caught him coloring his train set with crayon, I decided to buy him a set of Crayola Color Wonder markers and "special" paper to prevent him from coloring the rest of the house--they are MESS FREE. De-Solv-It will remove crayon from the toys but it won't remove crayon from the rugs, walls and furniture.
However, "drawing" is not limited to crayon and Color Wonder markers.....if a pen is sitting anywhere in his view and reach, he'll pick it up and either take it apart or color with it. I don't know how many pens we've thrown away in the last couple of weeks because one small peice goes missing. :-) Anyway, we've told him repeatedly that he can use the pen, but he has to draw on paper ONLY.
Well, this is what happened when I went into the kitchen for a few minutes to fix Laney a bottle.....

(He had actually drawn all over his shins but I had wiped most of the ink off prior to taking the picture.)

And his body was not the only one that received some temporary tatooing. Poor baby.


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe that little stinker wrote on his sweet, innocent baby sister! He sure is sneaky:)

Has he tried to pick her up? Jake picked Addison up and held her upside down for a few seconds before we saw him and yelled. I wanted to be mad, but it was so funny! I should have taken a picture like you. Great memories!

sarajworley said...

Don't you just love big siblings! It made me laugh, Jessi, and I was so glad to know that Grant is not the only one who has drawn all over his little sibling! :-) Miss you.

Bev said...

too funny.