Monday, August 11, 2008

More New Toys

The kids weren't the only ones to get new toys this past week. Randy somehow talked me into buying a motorcycle in an effort to save $$ on gas. So after spending nearly $300 this past month on gas for just the truck, I decided to give in. Randy was able to find a pretty good deal on a bike, the only hiccup was that he had to drive to San Antonio to pick it up. So, Randy is now the proud owner of a 2002 Suzuki Marauder.

(This one was just too hiliarious NOT to share)

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abby and jacob said...

Jessi you are not helping my case. Now I will have to give in to Mike. I know what you mean about the gas Mike has to drive 30 miles one way, but aleast he has the honda. He can go at least a week before he has to fill up.


Jessi said...

Tamara, that's exactly what I told Sara when they bought Chris' bike. But how can I argue with saving at least an extra $100/month on gas?

Bev said...

I'm sure Josiah is very proud of daddy's new toy!

Carrie said...

Ouch, $300 a month. Not to be a total dork but please tell Randy to be super careful.
Josiah is too stinking cute in those pictures.

sarajworley said...

Oh my goodness! Tell Randy CONGRATULATIONS! Chris will laugh and be super excited when I tell him. :-) I love Josiah's pics. He's so cute. Miss you.