Monday, September 8, 2008

6 Needles

I took BOTH kids to the clinic this morning: Josiah, for his 2 year check up and Laney, for her 4 month well-baby visit. I am pleased to report that our children are growing like weeds.

Here are the kids' stats:

Height: 36.5"--between 75-90th percentile, which is where he's been since birth
If we follow the general rule of thumb (to multiply the height at 2 YO by 2), Josiah will be around 6' short Mexican here, folks!
Weight: 31 pounds--90th percentile, again-consisent since birth

Length: 25"--75th percentile
Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz--95th percentile
Head Circumference: 16.5"--75th percentile

This is just proof that "the secret is in the sauce"/breastmilk-it does a body good. :-) For the last 3.75 months, Laney's diet has consisted of nothing more than breastmilk; however, this past week I started supplementing with formula (I had run out of frozen milk to supplement with). I also introduced a couple of teaspoons of rice cereal once a day for a couple of days last week, just to see if that wouldn't hold her over longer than her usual "every two hour" feedings. Nope. It doesn't seem to matter if I give her more formula, whether she eats more than 2 teaspoons of cereal or has 6-7 oz breastmilk during one feeding.....this girl wants to eat EVERY two hours.

While Laney really hasn't exhibited any interest in rolling over (in either direction), she has successfully reached a couple of other 4 month developmental milestones:
  • when her hands on propped on her feet, she is able to sit for a few seconds--ALONE.
  • she grabs/reaches for toys when dangled in front of her
  • she grabs her feet
  • she tries to hold her bottle
  • when on her tummy, she's able to complete a full push-up (however, not for very long--she HATES tummy-time) and is able to rock on her chest
  • she smiles socially

During this morning's appointments, BOTH kiddos received shots. Josiah is now all caught up on his immunizations. At his 18 month appointment, we waited to give him his MMR shot due to my being pregnant. Even though I had been vaccinated against Rubella as a child, we didn't want to risk it. If a mother contracts Rubella while pregnant, there is a significant possibility that the baby would die in utero or be still born....not a risk I was willing to take. Josiah also received the Heptitis A (contracted through food and water) vaccination (the first of 2) since we are so close to the border. And poor Laney, she was tortured with 4 shots. But they both did well.....Josiah got a sucker to keep the tears at bay while Laney received a feeding directly from the dairy. :-)

Alayna is sleeping now, and Josiah is watching VeggieTales.


sarajworley said...

Such big kiddos! Oh, how I miss them. Alayna is looking like such a little lady now. It makes me cry. Miss you.


Shelley said...

When was your daughter born? My Lucy was born 5/28. They must be close!