Thursday, September 25, 2008


I remember that when I was a kid my mom used to watch a show called Thirtysomething. It was about a group of 7 friends (2 married couples), all in their 30's, trying to figure out life...parenthood, life balance, careers, marriage, and dreams. I feel like I'm living what this show was all about. Am I good Mom? Am I a good wife? Is the role I was made for to care for my children at home or by working? Am I happy? And how can I be better? What is it about the 30's that cause us to suddenly reflect on who we are?

I used to think that thirty-something was sooooo far away...where did the time go? But now that I'm officially a thirty-something--not just plain ol' 30, I've found myself thinking about what I hope to accomplish before I hit the big 4-0. I didn't really think too much about turning 30 last year...just another number. But, weirdly, turning 31 has me really thinking.

So what all happened during my 20's (including what happened when I was 30)? Just for fun, let's take a trip down memory lane....

  • At 21, I graduated from AU with a BS in Microbiology; started my first, real job.
  • At 22, I moved to Ft. Worth, TX to begin graduate school at UNT HSC.
  • At 24, I graduated with a MPH; started my first, real job as an Epidemiologist.
  • At 25, I married Randy, my downstairs neighbor; travelled to San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and Playa del Carmen, Mexico (my first trip outside of the US)
  • At 26, I moved to VA to support Randy's dream/God's will for him to become a doctor; started yet another job--staying in Public Health.
  • At 27, I travelled to Kenya, Africa (by far my furthest travel) on a medical mission. One word: AMAZING!
  • At 28, I gave birth to my first child--a son, Josiah.
  • At 29, I completed my first Half Marathon at the RNR Event at VA Beach--and I even beat my goal time.
  • And at 30, I gave birth to my second child--a daughter, Alayna; moved to South Texas to continue to support Randy's medical education; learned how to crochet; and expanded by cooking/baking abilities.

Ahh, not too impressive (I'm sure there's more, but my memory has simply disintegrated since having children), but I'm not really worried about what I have's about what I want to do in the future. I, of course, have some physical fitness goals to achieve in the next year. I hope to complete another Half Marathon in Dallas in April, losing all-and then some-of the baby fat, reaching a clothing size I haven't been in since, since....I can't even remember when. And just so that my goals are a little bit more well-rounded, I hope to learn how to become content....content with my circumstances, content with my role--designed especially for me by God, and content with my frame--both body and personality. Additionally, I hope to grow my relationship with Randy, with friends and family, and most importantly with God. So these more well-rounded goals don't seem too lofty, right? (I think I hear chuckling).

Well, here's to another year! Giving thanks to my health and all that I have accomplished and all that I will accomplish in the next year.


Elizabeth said...

Happy 31st birthday, friend. You have accomplished so much in the last 10 years, and I know God has so much for you in the next ten. Have a wonderful day celebrating. We love you!

Matt & Katie Moslener said...

Happy Birthday!! You have done a lot. Crazy how time goes...I am glad that God lead you both down here and that we overlapped for a year. can't wait to see what God does in this next year!

Bev said...

Whoa, you're only a year older than me? For some reason I thought you were older, this was due in part to Randy being 6 years older than me, I just figured yall were around the same age. Wow, Randy sure did marry a young wife!

Happy birthday.

Sab Mad said...

I turned 31 this year too! And like you, I love looking back (God is so amazing!) and forward (the future is so exciting!).

Fabulous goals...I'm excited to read how they pan out over the next year! And I am training for a half right with you!

Shelley said...

I just turned 30 this year. My mind is definitely working overtime these days. I'm sure some of it has to do with the age. But I just recently started blogging and it seems the more I blog the more I think. Sometimes that's very dangerous! Turning 30 didn't bother me. Turning 26 for some reason was difficult for me.