Friday, September 26, 2008

HFH: Fat Ticker Friday--Week #1

I finally decided that I am tired of looking 4 months pregnant (when I'm not)'s time to do something about it! So, I've joined a gym, found a race, and dusted off my running shoes. Ready or not, here I go!

Since I had to leave my accountability/running partner in VA (I miss you, Donna), I found a blogosphere weight loss challenge, Hot For The Holidays (HFH), that I thought could help me stay on track. As soon as I saw the logo, I was "in". It's exactly what I needed to get going. Part of the "commitment" is to publish a Fat Ticker Friday post each week so that Christie, our awesome hostess, can track how many pounds have been shed collectively as a group....a goal of 500 lbs. to NEVER come back again!

So here is my first Fat Ticker Friday report: no change

*GASP* I really shouldn't be surprised since I was only able to make it to the gym 1 day this week (before I weighed in this morning). And that wasn't because I didn't want to, we just had a lot of stuff going on. Allow me to recap: Tuesday I did manage to complete 10 minutes on the stair climber and 12 minutes on the bike (definitely not my first choice, but there was not a single treadmill available) before heading to dinner with a 4th year medical student interested in our program. Randy was on-call on Wednesday and didn't make it home until 10PM and therefore, no one was available to watch the kiddos. And last night, we attended a fundraising banquet for a local organization (I want to write more about this organization and the banquet we attended, but I will save it for another post). But tonight, folks, I pushed myself to run 2 miles (consecutively) on the treadmill. I realize that this might not sound all that impressive, but considering that it has been 13 months since I'd done any running, I'm pretty excited and proud of myself. I really thought that I'd be starting back at "square one" again, barely able to run a full mile. I'm so excited to think that I'll be more than ready to compete participate in the South Texas Sizzler 5K on October 25.

And here are my answers to this week's photo essay....just something for fun.

1. Someone or something that inspires you--my wonderful husband and precious children.

(Definitely not the best picture taken of us...but, sadly, we don't have many to choose from)

2. Something that you love to do--cake decorating.

3. Something that makes you crazy--junk mail (in both my mailbox and email inbox)

4. Something healthy in your life--my BOB Duallie Ironman Jogging Stroller (sorry no real picture)

(I've gotten the kids out in it a couple of times since our move. I can't wait to use it more once it starts cooling off and the mosquitos fly South for the winter.)


Shelley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Congrats on the run. I've never been a runner but I want to get into it. We're talking about joining the Y since they have an indoor running track. We'll see! I noticed you like cake decorating. I do too. My son's birthday is about 2 weeks away. I have to make him a Cars cake. I need to figure out what I'm doing soon!

Shelley said...

Oh and your kids are absolutely adorable!

Holly said...

Great job getting on that tread mill for 2 miles! Something I could NEVER do! And a 5k - forget it! Keep up the awesome work!

Wonderful job on the photo question answers too! Coolness on the cake decorating!

Christie O. said...

That's ok that there's no change!! That means there's no gain either!!! haha! (cup half full!)

WOW ON THE CAKE!! I wish I could order one from you!! I have always wanted to learn how to do that and I always pick up the little Michaels flyer but never take the class. Oh well. And the family photos are so sweet!