Friday, December 19, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday

Please forgive me as I'm not going to sugar-coat my report today, unlike the gingerbread house that Josiah and I are constructing.

My unfriendly scale read this morning that I have gained 2 pounds since last week. On one hand, I'm surprised. In the last 7 days, I was able to get in 5 workouts:

Friday--1 mile, strength train
Saturday--5 miles
Monday--3.5 miles
Tuesday--1 mile, strength train
Thursday--2 miles, strength train

But then on the other hand, the gain doesn't really surprise me, I can feel the water being retained by my body (thanks, hormones). And I'm sure the fact that I've helped myself to some of the candies I bought to decorate our gingerbread house didn't help either (note to self: will only buy candies I don't enjoy eating for next year's activity). AND since my knee is still giving me troubles, I've had to lay off the long runs. All leading to a darn gain this week. UGH!

I was really hoping to report that I had reached my Christmas goal of 15 pounds, and I really think that without the extra water and M&Ms/peanut brittle, I would have. Bummer. Now I really have to watch it during our vacation. An just how do you propose I resist Glorified Rice, Tripas, and Christmas cookies?

I won't be weighing in next Friday since I won't be bringing my unfriendly scale with me to West Texas, but you can bet that I'll be stepping on it first thing Monday AM. ;-)


Sparks said...

On no! Sorry about your gain! But the plus side is your "gain" is only temporary! I hear you on the hormone thing, men have an unfair advantage! Good luck this next week with your "guest for greatness".

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Elizabeth said...

You've come so far, even if you're discouraged that you didn't make your 15 lb. goal. I am still proud of you and you should be proud of yourself! As far as next week, let's keep each other on track. I can resist the tripas (gross!) and some of the other things, but the glorified rice and the tortillas are all mine!

Christie O. said...

Hey that's darn close! (I gained this week too. I won't make excuses, I got in the run, but none of the strength training except for one day). Anyway, we'll get there, sister! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!!

Clara said...

I don't think we should hold ourselves so strictly to dieting this close to Christmas. I gained a pound, too. But I'm keeping up my workouts and will drop the extra treats after all the celebrations are over.

Keep up the good work.