Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Sweet Gingerbread Home

We finally did it!!!! It took us 5 days, but Josiah and I planned, constructed, and decorated our very first gingerbread house...from scratch. YAY! I was never so excited to pull the soup cans away (used in place of stability beams) from the roof panels and see it stay in place instead of crumble to the floor!

Josiah is just old enough this year to participate in projects like this, which is why it's so exciting and special. I've been chomping at the bit waiting patiently to start some family traditions. This will definitely be added to the list.

Once I got past the fact that it's not going to even slightly resemble those showcased on Food Network, it was a very enjoyable project for both of us. Josiah was so excited to share what he had done with his daddy (he helped me with the M&M roof tiles).

And without further adu.....

Can you see Josiah's monogram?
I thought it would add a little some extra to his house.

While I definitely enjoyed this project, I learned a few things...things that may make next year's project go a bit smoother:
  • make a house HALF the size (the roof panels alone were 7x11").
  • use larger candies for the roof tiles--placing each M&M became tedious and Josiah lost interest).
  • use candies that I don't have any interest in eating to decorate the house. wink
  • combine the peak and the front/back square into one piece instead of relying on the triangle cookie to maintain it's shape and size during the transfer from countertop to cookie sheet.
  • try buttercream icing instead of royal icing for the edible cement. I think I need something a bit more thick in order to keep the candies from slipping during the drying process.

Whew, now that the BIG project is's time to bake a couple dozen christmas cookies.


Trisha said...

How precious is that proud smile of his!

What a patient mommy... we may get to the gingerbread house next year. :)

sarajworley said...

Yay! Great job! Josiah's so cute. Love the smile of pride from him. He's adorable.

Shelley said...

That's awesome! I bow down to your awesome gingerbread house making skills. I never would have had the patience for that! Maybe when the kids get older. :-) It's very cute.

Parkinson Family said...

That thing is huge! What a ton of work. Very fun and cute. Wheat Thins or chocolate covered graham crackers work great for roofing shingles. It's also very fun to melt crushed Lifesavors for stained glass windows. You did so great, though! I love it.

Heather said...

OOOOOOHHHH I love it!!
Sooooo impressed!!!

Anna C. said...

He looks so proud! That's a neat thing to do together. I, as well, would need to ensure that I was using decorations that I had no intention of eating :-)

Cassie said...

The gingerbread house really is awesome. Josiah's so proud. Such a sweetie! Hope you're having a great trip and that the drive wasn't too crazy. We really missed you guys at the ugly sweater party tonight.

Mary Arnold said...

Awesome house! Use frosted mini wheats for the roof, that way if you eat any you're getting fiber, and things will move quicker through your intestines so you won't absorb as many calories from other Christmas stuff you eat! (I'm trying to keep a straight face) Seriously - they make great roofing material and are a healthier choice to eat.

The OTHER option is to ask for the ingredients as a Christmas gift - there are no calories in food that is considered a Christmas gift.

OK - - I'll stop hahahaaha