Sunday, December 7, 2008

From the Desk Mouth of Josiah

As we drove through a neighborhood, on our way home from our progressive dinner last night, Josiah noticed all of the Christmas lights.

Josiah: "Look at the lights. They're pretty!"

Randy: "They are pretty." "Is mama pretty?"

Josiah: "No, lights are pretty."


Me: "Is daddy pretty?"

Josiah: "No, lights are pretty."

More laughing.

Randy: "Daddy's handsome, not pretty."

Me: "Is daddy handsome?"

Josiah: "No, I handsome!"

If we hadn't been in the car, we would have been rolling on the floor.

This afternoon we spent some time outside (how could we not, it was 75 degrees outside). Josiah enjoyed rolling around the grass, literally.

Josiah: "I don't eat grass, I not a dog."

We just laughed at the randomness.

Later this afternoon, Laney was rolling rocking around on the floor, just cooing.

Me: "Wow, Laney, is that right?"

Josiah: "She's talking Spanish."

Me: "She's talking Spanish, huh?"

Josiah: "Uh-huh"


Oh, how my boy just makes me smile.


Shelley said...

Too funny! I love the Spanish comment!

Bev said...

What a bright young man!