Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Add as Friend"

I was recently invited to join Facebook in order to view a friend's photo album. I thought, "Oh, yea, she sent pictures of her new little one". Never did I realize that I would become a new Facebook Addict. Once I created a profile, I was off and running...not only did I view my friend's photo albums, but I found myself looking up friends we just said "good-bye" to two months ago as well as long-lost friends from high school and college, people I haven't talked with in YEARS (anywhere between 5-12 years). Part of me was hesitant to request "friendship" with folks I had lost touch with, but part of me really wanted to reconnect with them and find out what they're up to. And I'm so glad I did....I found my best friend from elementary-middle school friend, my best friend from high school, and my college roommate.

I'm not sure what it is all of a sudden, my need to "connect" with people. Is it that I'm staying at home with my children, in a new town, so I'm just craving familiar conversation (or new conversation with long-lost friends)? A good friend uses her blog to gain a sense of community, a way to connect with old (and new friends) but I've never thought my blog to be more than a way to update friends and family on the "goings on" with the kiddos. So I'm finding Facebook to work in much the same way that Elizabeth uses her blog....and I'm really enjoying it. If you have a FB profile, let me know, I'd love to "Add as Friend".


Elizabeth said...

Hey stranger! I'm still waiting for an e-mail response. . . :)

I'll tell Adrion you're on facebook b/c he uses it. Wait, never mind. I think he uses MySpace. Yeah, he does.

Isn't it fun to re-connect? I have re-connected with elementary friends recently and it has been so fun to see where our lives have taken us.

FerraroMama said...

What's really fun is when you start using "facebook" as a verb. I have started telling people I will "facebook" them. It's like "fedex" as a verb for shipping something. It's just not appropriate, and yet I can't help it...