Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paging Dr. Martinez

We knew the time was going to come that Randy was going to have to be a real doctor, not just a student doctor...and today is the day. Randy is on-call today from 7A-7A. He arrived at the hospital this morning at 8A in order to be briefed on the condition of their "in-house" patients. When he got home about an hour later, he hadn't been home 30 minutes and his beeper sounded for the first time. I'll tell you that it sure was weird to hear him say "This is Dr. Martinez. I was just paged from this number." The good thing about this program is that he can field most of the calls from home since he has online access to the medical record system.

By the time 11A rolled around, he'd been paged 4 times...this consisted of approving orders for soft restraints, Rx's for 800mg Motrin and Lexapro, and a run to the ER.

It's now 4:30PM and he's still not home from the hospital. I hope he's enjoying himself and learning a lot. Randy, I know that you were very nervous for this day come, but I know that you're doing a great job!

Randy showed up this evening just in time for dinner, around 7:30P. In his first 12 hours that he'd been on-call, he'd been paged 8 times and admitted 2 patients. Quite a busy first day! Now, we're just praying that the next 12 hours stay quiet. Shhhhh.


Allison said...

On call sucks!!! I'm not sure what your husband is doing after this first year - but JM's call is soooo much better this year. He can call from home and will not be there near as much as was last year during his call days. So, hopefully, it will get better!!

Lori, Colin, Mia & Jack said...

Feel relieved that he can take call from home. Colin only has 3 or 4 months of call this year and I am so happy about that!! On call meant Colin had to stay at the hospital regardless. Hope his night went well. I also hope I can get Cole to sleep that long when he is 3 months old. She is darling and I love that you call her Laney.