Monday, February 16, 2009

Halfway to Three

Last Friday marked the halfway point of Josiah's just 6 short months, I will be the mother of a 3 Year Old! I really can't believe how fast time is flying. While we I have definitely had many I-AM-GOING-TO-PULL-OUT-ALL-OF-MY-HAIR moments, our time with Josiah has been quite a bit of fun. In just the last 6 months, he learned:

  • to pedal his tricycle
  • to ride a bike (albeit with training wheels)

  • to sing a couple of songs from memory (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Jesus Loves Me; My Girl)
  • that skateboards can be a ton of fun....he LOVES to watch the kids at the local skate park, uses the jungle gym slide as a ramp, and pretends to skate throughout the entire house.

  • to climb jungle gym ladders
    • the cheers from the Nation's best universities ("Hook 'em Horns" and "War Eagle")
    • to recognize letters, specifically those which make up his name
    • to speak some Spanish (he knows 6-7 articles of clothes, food, and a few animals)
    And while we are still in the beginning stages, Josiah is learning to recognize when he needs to use the potty. YAY! Funny story: While I was gone to the gym yesterday, Josiah woke from his nap and told Randy that he needed to pee. Once Randy sat Josiah on the potty (we have a small potty seat that sits on top of the "big boy" toilet), he started straining to pee. Not long after straining did he realize that he needed to poop, too. Mission Accomplished! But because he was so excited about the size of his business, he wouldn't flush until I got home and could show me---45 minutes later. I was so proud....I thought for a brief second about taking a picture, but I refrained (lucky for you).

    Happy 1/2 Birthday, Josiah! We love you!


    Trisha said...

    That's hilarious! Hayes always tells me what his poop looks like... ya know, a submarine or what have you. Thanks Hayes!

    Allison said...

    He's a total cutie pie! And Kate Gosselin always took pics of her kids poop (it was on a show one time) but thanks for not showing us that. HA! :)

    ValleyGirl said...

    Ah, those are the proud moments, to say the least!! Boy, it's incredible the things that make our day once we become mothers, isn't it?!! He's quite a cutie little man.

    mjs said...

    Josiah and Laney are precious. You're my hero. I wanna be just like you one of these days. I'm thinking of taking on the push up challenge!

    Elaine said...

    It is so exciting the first time they poop in the potty!! Can't wait for Kyle to do it.

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    sarajworley said...

    Yay, Josiah! Such a big boy! And thanks for refraining from picture taking. I appreciate that more than you could know! ;-)