Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday--Lookin' Fine, Week 6

6 weeks have come and gone, and today is the last weigh in for the Sisterhood's "Lookin' Fine" challenge. Have I mentioned just how much I LOVE these bloggy weight loss challenges? I have found they are a great way to stay accountable, meet others who are also going through the struggle of weight loss, and to find encouragement to keep going even when every ounce of your being wants to give up.

Things were looking up this week....I made it to the gym W, Th, F, & Sunday, logging 14.5 miles. I had even weighed myself on Friday and was excited to see that I had lost those last 2 pounds to put me at my 5 pound goal. What happened you ask? Nature happened. I have been waiting, and waiting for the last 3-4 weeks for "hormones" to happen now that I'm completely done breastfeeding....and "it" decides to happen 2 days before weigh convenient! So this week, and my final weigh in, I am reporting NO CHANGE. UGH! This means that in the last 6 weeks I have lost 3 pounds (and hopefully it'll be more when I weigh in again in a couple of days, after the water retention has subsided). What is it that they say, "Slow and steady wins the race"? I'm still happy, though, that it's a 3 pound LOSS vs. a 3 pound gain....I'm 3 pounds closer to reaching my pre-preggo weight.

And while I don't have very exciting news to share in the weight loss department, I am excited to share that I completed the first week of the Push-up Challenge. Last week I could barely kick out 5 standard push ups....but on Monday, I was able to kick out 12 IN.A.ROW! That's quite an improvement, if I do say so myself.

Well, that's all from my little neck of the woods. I'm sad that this particular challenge is over, but I'm looking forward to hearing about what the ladies (and guy) at the Sisterhood have up their sleeve regarding the next one. I'm all about shrinking my jeans!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, that's great!!

I've started that pushup challenge before, but I never finished (sigh). Good luck with it. I should really start it up again...

Trisha said...

And I just ate some Valentine nerds. Go me!

Great job Jessie!

ValleyGirl said...

Congratulations! You did 0.6# better than I did! I was hoping for better, too, but have no one to blame but myself. Blegch, I hate that!!

The next challenge is only going to be three weeks long ~ no time for complacency!!!!!

Bev said...

Wait a second, I'm confused. You're no longer breastfeeding, so I'm guessing you were talking about your monthly bill, right? Have you not been getting it? I didn't have mine for the first four months, but then right when Lu turned 4 months it appeared and I was like, "what the heck?" I thought it wasn't supposed to show while the mom was breastfeeding???