Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday--Lookin' Fine, Week 5

I'm slowly but surely getting back on track. This week's workouts have been countable....I either made it to the gym or walked 3 miles around the neighborhood with the kids. Now, I'm not saying that I broke any world records or anything, but it was definitely something to overcome the lack of motivation that I'd been experiencing the last couple of weeks.

And it's a good thing that I made it to the gym a few times this week because my eating has been the one thing this week dragging me down. We went to a baby shower on Friday, ate Sunday lunch with friends, ate Sunday dinner out on because we went to the local rodeo, and ate Tuesday's dinner with our fellow Residents as part of the incoming Intern's interview season. And while I tried to really pay attention to portion control, it's hard when you're faced with foods you've been avoiding for months (and LOVE--ahem, carrot cake).

So the eating and gym time balanced each other out this week, and I didn't lose any weight. BUT I didn't gain, either....which is GREAT news, too. There is very little that is more frustrating than when you're losing and gaining the same 2 pounds. I only have 2 more pounds until I can say "Good Riddens" to the 160's (yep, I just admitted my weight--oh well, we're all friends here, right?)....and I want to lose those 2 pounds SO BAD! So in addition to making it back to the gym regularly (the other night I spent 1.5 hours there and LOVED it), I started the 100 pushups training program. I must admit that taking the inital test made me feel like such a weakling, but then that's the whole point of the up enough upper body strength to complete 100 pushups (REAL pushups, not the "knee" pushups) in a row. I'm so excited to see how much I'm able to accomplish in 6 weeks.

And on another happy note, I weighed in for my MOPS Biggest Loser challenge this morning, too. I lost 3 pounds since last the weigh-in. I'm down 5.2 with another 14.8 to go before May. I can do it, I just need to get my butt in gear, as my mom would say. ;-)


Mommy Mo said...

No gain is good too, espeically when faced with all of those food challenges. And good for you on the exercise. I'm going to have check out that push-up challenge.

Trisha said...

Where do you find all of these neat challenges? The push up thing sounds neat... what a feat that would be for me. I bet I can't even do 10.

Bev said...

I've been doing "knee" pushups. The real ones are so hard, but I have no idea why? I guess I should attempt them again.

Sounds like you're doing great.

ValleyGirl said...

Oooo, you're SO CLOSE TO YOUR GOAL!!!! It's been forever since I was 14 lbs from my goal weight! Ugh.

Good to hear you're getting back into a work-out routine ~ mine's all but completely faltered again. I just hate my elliptical. I want to be able to walk outside and I just can't more than 3 or 4 times a week. I think my body's so used to that 2-mile walk, though, that it doesn't really count as exercise anymore.

My cousin is doing that push-up challenge as well and has posted about it a few times. I was so stiff after just 15 (on my knees), that I could barely move!!!! I desperately need to improve my upper body strength!